What are the ultranationalism with parapsihologia?

Russian leaders are subjected to an attack parapsychologic unprecedented, but so far have managed to cope with this ocult influential. At least it supports Alexander Prohanov, chief editor of the newspaper (ultra) “Zavtra”, a member of the leadership of the Writers’ Union of Russia, quoted by Agerpres.

“I am convinced that both (Medvedev and Putin) are subject to powerful parapsychological influences, with the aim of weak the will, to disturb the conscience of the lead and to act according to Western model,” said Prohanov, during a conference given at the press in Yekaterinburg (Ural).

Sure, you say that such things happen. So it is. Even could pass this standard procedure in the unconventional side of the conflict. What I want to notice, however, is that it would be good if those who say they are with and knowledge. Otherwise, such statements do more harm than good. And I refer here to readers, not to target the leaders (they learn to defend itself … and others defend it … ideal, and one and one).

I must not make great efforts to know that he is not too concerned has nothing to do with the area said. An even say his statements. Thus, in his opinion, “Vladimir Putin and Dmitri Medvedev was under a huge pressure, due inter alia and specialists in parapsyhologie of reserve troops of the Russian army.” (What what?! Logic would have to give a hand help. Unfortunately, the statement suggests otherwise …). It seems rather an intent to sow confusion. The rest of the declarations, a strange mixture of propaganda and philosophical speculation, confirms this. Prohanov said: “Russia managed to defend their interests in conflict georgiano-osetin,” concluded that “the real inauguration of Dmitri Medvedev as its president came after offensive Georgian against the capital of south-osetine Thinvali” when russian tank gave an order to enter the territory of Georgia.

Furthermore, in what concerns Dmitri Medvedev, Prohanov believes that “change over” is underway. “Between the Kremlin walls, any liberal lightly will be transformed into a strong defender of statehood, and any political manager in a ” father of peoples “, he considered, explaining that” the atmosphere itself from the Kremlin is a powerful psychological factor, wich influence profile Head Russian state, regardless of its vision political and life. ” I have a question: why all was Medvedev’s that make efforts to become a copy of his predecessor? According to the declaration referred to, with or without the young president wanted, the result will be the same!

As for the question with honesty: what is common ultranationalist rhetoric with parapsihologia?


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