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Terror attack in Norway’s capital Oslo shocked the world

The news shocked the whole world. The beauty and quiet Norway was the target of a terrorist attack ? Almost incredible. If there is something incredible nowadays… 😦

According Reuters, a bomb devastated the main government building in Norway’s capital Oslo on Friday, killing two people and 15 people were injured; also a gunman wounded five people hours later in a shooting at a youth camp of Norwegian Labour Party. It is not clear whether or how the incidents were linked. Though the bomb attack was on the very heart of power in the small Nordic state, Prime Minister Jens Stoltenberg was safe. Notice that Norway is a country with an extremely low crime rate. More, political violence is virtually unknown in a country known for awarding the Nobel Peace Prize and mediating in conflicts, including in the Middle East and Sri Lanka. Attack was no claim of responsibility. The first suspicion hanging over Al-Qaeda. NATO member Norway has been the target of threats, if not bombs, before, notably over its involvement in conflicts in Afghanistan. The attack came just over a year after three men were arrested on suspicion of having links to Al- Qaeda and planning to attack targets in Norway. Another hypothesis is aimed at the involved of Norway in the NATO bombing of Libya, whose leader Muammar Gaddafi has threatened to strike back in Europe. In change, Al Jazeera said that Mullah Krekar, founder of the Kurdish Islamist group Ansar al-Islam, who had terrorism charges filed against him on Tuesday, is accused of threatening the life of a former minister . “Norway will pay a heavy price for my death,”he said. “If, for example, Erna Solberg deports me and I die as a result, she will suffer the same fate.” Norway is a founding member of the United Nations, NATO, the Council of Europe, and the Nordic Council.

UPDATE:  Number of victims seems to be much larger than originally thought. CNN speak about 17 dead at youth camp on Utoya island. PM Jens Stoltenberg confirmed in a press conference that aggressor is a Norwegian citizen. Also, he said that claim attack was not confirmed.
UPDATE_2: As the hours pass and research advances, the number of victims seems to remove any trace of rationality. A reality horror and irrational, that none of the original assumptions are not confirmed. A Norwegian “madman” (Anders Behring Breivik – with extreme-right views) carried out the biggest spree killing in modern history yesterday when he posed as a police officer and massacred 80 people at an island youth camp. The attack “is probably more Norway‘s Oklahoma City than it is Norway’s World Trade Center,” the police official said, quoted NY Daily News.

British PM Gordon Brown has resigned

Gordon Brown resigned as prime minister of Britain on Tuesday and said Conservative leader David Cameron would take over, ending 13 years of rule by the center-left Labour Party.

According Washington Post, “British Prime Minister Gordon Brown says he’s quitting office and bringing to a close the Labour Party’s 13-year hold on power, as his two chief rivals sealed a coalition deal after the country’s inconclusive election.

Brown says he will travel to see Queen Elizabeth II to resign – allowing opposition Conservative Party chief David Cameron to take office after Cameron struck a deal with Nick Clegg, leader of the third-placed Liberal Democrats”. Brown’s statement made clear that the Conservatives and the Liberal Democrats had secured some sort of power-sharing arrangement, but the exact details were not yet known.

Parliamentary elections – First televised debate in UK history

Campaign for parliamentary elections on May 6 in the UK has reached its first really important moment: the televised debate between the leaders of three political parties. Today, April 15, from 20 (London time), Prime Minister Gordon Brown, Labour Party leader David Cameron, leader of the Conservative Party and Nick Clegg, leader of the Liberal Democratic Party will face in the ITV network studios, major television network UK private. It is the first time that the leaders of Britain’s main political parties have locked horns in front of a television audience in the run-up to an election.

According BBC, “the first debate of the three planned this campaign will focus on domestic politics. It will be held in Manchester and will be held before an overflow audience of about 200, chosen according to their political preferences, representative for the whole UK. Debate format was established after long negotiations between the three parties and contains no fewer than 76 rules to ensure equal access and fair debate of the three leaders”. Some commentators have expressed concern that stricter rules will inhibit the real debate, but nobody denies that the organization of the first televised confrontation is good.
One aspect that must be noted: Great Britain had to wait 50 years after organizing the first televised debate between U.S. presidential candidates and 42 years after a similar debate in Canada between the three major party candidates for prime minister. It is true that the three leaders of UK are found weekly face to face for 15 minutes interpellations of Prime Minister in the House of Commons, but the televised debate is moderated by journalists and can ask questions by voters.

Analysts forecast that the televised debates will influence voters, especially many undecided. Currently an average of polls last week, lies in leading the Conservative Party, with 37% followed by the Labour Party and the Liberal Democrats with 31% and 20% of voting intentions. Translated into seats – the majority single-member district elections with a single ballot – most likely outcome is a chamber of the Commons (650 members) without a majority, the first of its kind since 1974.
After debate Thursday, April 15, will follow a second, broadcast by Sky News, on April 22, devoted to foreign policy and the final on April 29, the BBC devoted to the economy.