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US wants to reassure Eastern European ally of NATO support

Vice President Joe Biden visits Romania and Cyprus

Joe Biden has arrived in Bucharest on Tuesday at what one senior official called a “complicated and challenging time in Europe” fostered by Russia’s “destabilizing” actions in Ukraine. Joe Biden said they all “must remain resolute in imposing greater costs on Russia and imposing those costs together”. “Europe’s borders should never again be changed at the point of a gun, which is why we continue to condemn — condemn — Russia’s illegal occupation of Crimea” Mr. Biden said at an air base in the Romanian capital of Bucharest where he met American and Romanian forces involved in joint military exercises.

Joe Biden (center) speech in front of military of Air Base Otopeni. Romanian Minister of Defence, Mircea Dusha.

Joe Biden (center) speech in front of military of Air Base Otopeni. Romanian Minister of Defence, Mircea Dusha (right).

A lot of discussion focused lately on Article 5 of NATO treaty – the “all for one, and one for all” principle that provides for a collective response to an armed attack on any member. To be…or not to be sure to support of others ! The new Strategic Concept, adopted at the Alliance’s 2010 Lisbon summit, established collective defense as one of its three main tasks, underscoring the importance of developing contingency plans, organizing joint exercises and training, and creating “visible assurance” within member states.

Article 5 – the “all for one, and one for all” principle that provides for a collective response to an armed attack on any member
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Since Crimea was annexed, NATO has put AWACS surveillance planes in the skies over Poland and Romania, dispatched warships to the Baltic and Black seas and sent U.S. Army troops to Poland, Romania and the Baltic states. Romania, a staunch U.S. ally, joined NATO in 2004 and the U.S. has a base in the Romanian Black Sea port of Constanta. Biden will meet President Traian Basescu and Prime Minister Victor Ponta on Wednesday, when American vice-president will try to reassure Romania leaders that nobody should doubt Washington’s commitment to Article Five of the alliance’s charter, which states that an attack on one member is an attack on all.

The confrontation between Russia and the West will also be a key issue in Cyprus where Biden will arrive on Wednesday.

The Cypriot government has warned of the devastating impact that any new sanctions directly targeting the Russian economy could have on its own fortunes, given that its finance industry is a key conduit of Russian investment and savings.

The senior US official noted that Cyprus, as a European Union member, was party to the bloc’s decision making and actions in imposing sanctions on Russia over Ukraine. “We are aware and understanding of the exposure of Cyprus to Russian economic activity and Russia economy pressure” the official said.

In March, Biden visited Lithuania and Poland and traveled to Ukraine the following month. President Barack Obama also is expected to visit Poland in June for the 25th anniversary of the country’s first democratic elections.

Vice-President US, Joe Biden – “We believe that a better relationship with Russia is the benefit of all”

Joe BidenU.S. Vice President Joe Biden was on tour in Poland, Czech Republic and Romania, between 20-24 October 2009.
Regarding the visits to Poland and the Czech Republic, analysts Stratfor states defining its relations with the United States, where Obama administration’s decision to abandon the missile shield project promoted by ex-president George W. Bush.

Today, Vice President Biden met with Romanian President Traian Basescu, with dismissed premier Emil Boc and with Opposition leaders.  Also, he gave a public speech in the Hall of the University Library of Romania. In his speech in Bucharest, Joe Biden sent several important messages for the European partners and NATO allies.  Biden sent the European partners that “the U.S. is still a player in the region and an ally in security”. But according to political analysts, beyond these messages, Biden’s tour remains one of consolation.

But let’s see what the main ideas and the context in which they were uttered.

Visit of Vice – U.S. President in Bucharest takes place one day before the  start of presidential election campaign. Thus the joint statement after meeting with Romanian President Traian Basescu can detect two aspects: administration in Washington has not had a top partner in the person of the current president, but is open to dialogue, irrespective of who will win the Presidential elections. Also, the fact that the speech for European partners was elected Bucharest,  stresses stronger bilateral relationship between Romania and the United States. Moreover, can talk  about  strategic location that America gives to Romania on his interests and in the design of the NATO Alliance in the Eastern European area.

On the public diplomacy, Joe Biden tried in his discourse from the University Library, to ensure that countries in the East European region that, despite a change of Obama discourse, Washington has not changed security objectives. But while he insisted that: “We believe that a better relationship with Russia is benefit of all. Pragmatic relationship, too”. Meanwhile, he said the reconfiguration of the missile shield is not a favor done to Russia, but a more efficient way to meet new security challenges. Biden reiterated the importance of Article 5 and firmly reject the imposition of spheres of influence between global powers. “Nothing without you, nothing more than your desire” were sure NATO partners of U.S.

In the same context: “Any missile defense system in Europe should be collective,”  said on Thursday the spokesman of Russian Foreign Ministry, Andrei Nesterenko, quoted by RIA Novosti. He also stressed that “Russia wants to start with Washington a careful assessment of the new U.S. missile shield in Europe”, adding that Moscow does not consider that U.S. plans to place SM-3 missiles in Poland are already established.
Nesterenko’s statement comes after Polish Prime Minister Donald Tusk  said Wednesday – when U.S. Vice President Joe Biden visit to Warsaw – that Poland is ready to participate in the new U.S. missile shield, as this is especially possible location in 2011 in Poland of  U.S. SM-3 missile.

The same important: Beyond public diplomacy in a speech in Bucharest, the representative of the White House for the first time spoke about the Romanian-American partnership in concrete Constanta-Trieste pipeline project. That while the premiers Putin, Berlusconi and Erdogan discussed again about  South Stream.