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Black Sea Defense & Aerospace 2014

bsda_2014During the period 14 to 16 May 2014, Bucharest, the capital of Romania, will become headquarters of military equipment and weapons manufacturers from over 15 countries that will be present at the 5th edition of BSDA.

International tri-service defense Exhibition and Conference dedicated to Defense, Aerospace, Homeland Security, Cyber Security and Safety & Security, being supported by and held at ROMAERO – Bucharest. You can see the list of exhibitors here. Agenda of event can be found here.

BSDA 2014 is officialy suported by the Romanian Government through: Ministry of National Defense, Ministry of Internal Affairs, Ministry of Foreign Affairs and with the support of Romanian Intelligence Service (SRI).

Program Conference BSDA can be accessed here.

Major Exhibition Products & Services at BSDA 2014

Armored & unarmored vehicles
Command & control systems
Weapons systems & ammunition
Body armor & Personal defense systems
Anti-aircraft defense systems
Anti-tank defense systems
Simulation & training systems

Military aircraft, helicopters, UCAV’s, UAV’s
Armaments & ordinance
Missiles & weapons systems
Simulation & training systems
Avionics & airport infrastructure

Naval & Coast Guard vessels
Command & control systems
Naval weapons systems
Navigation, sonar & radar systems
Personal rescue & survival systems
Port infrastructure services & systems
Simulation & training systems

Homeland security systems
Intelligence services equipment & technologies
Emergency response equipment & technologies
Trucks, cars & special purpose vehicles
Police & security aircraft, helicopters
Coastguard equipment & technologies
Search & rescue equipment & technologies
Corporate & private security systems

Civilian aircraft
Business and corporate aviation
Avionics & radar systems
Equipment and services for maintenance and repair
Airport infrastructure

Related Events

Unmanned Solutions Forum 2014 (USF 2014) is to be held in RomaeroUSF-2014-sigla-noua-300x285 Aerospace Complex, Bucharest, Romania, on the 16th May, 2014. The event is an international conference dedicated to remotely guided and autonomus aerial, ground, surface and underwater vehicles, payloads and accesories and their practical applications.

USF 2014 Conference will discuss the major themes concerning civilian, military and special services applications involving Unmanned Systems. The Forum’s objective is to provide an opportunity for industry professionals (producers, suppliers and buyers) to interact and present the latest solutions and initiatives in the Unmanned Systems Market.

Moscow – International Forum “Open Innovations”

During the period 31 October – 3 November 2012, to Moscow is held International Forum  for innovative development work “Open Innovations”. The event, hosted by Expocentre, aims, according to organizers to take a look on how the world will look like in 20 years and find new ways of international collaboration between countries with potential in the field of inventions and innovation, which shall to be a pillar of any long-term development.

Event agenda included over 180 speakers from business, the authorities, and sciences, to share experiences and analyse fundamental global trends, including as guest a Nobel Prize laureate, Professor Phillip Allen Sharp – Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Director of the School for Creative Leadership Berlin – Clark Parsons, Deputy Prime Minister Vladislav Surkov, President of Skolkovo Foundation – Viktor Vekselberg, Moscow Deputy mayor in charge of Economic Affairs – Andrei Sharonov, CEO of Rusnano Company – Anatoly Chubais, CEO of Russian Venture Company – Igor Agarmizian. According vice-PM Surkov, Chairman of Forum Organizing Committee: «Our ambition is to transform Russia into an international research hub, a leader in high-tech industry. In achieving this goal we are not merely driven by prestige but mostly by the needs to stimulate economic growth and to make our prosperity. This is why the Open Innovations Forum is not only a venue for discussions with our foreign partners but also an important event to achieve practical goals in form of research and development projects, advanced technological solutions, and positioning of our intellectual products on the global market»

Opening plenary meeting on the first day was focused on two major themes: “The World in 2030 – Vision, Opportunities, Threats” and “Global challenges for humanity – the need for innovation”. More about the Forum program you can find here.