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Russia and Kazakhstan – cooperation for implementation of “ERA-GLONASS” project

By the end of 2012, Russia and Kazakhstan will finalize how form will have the cooperation for implementation of the project “ERA GLONASS” said last week in Astana, Deputy Prime Minister of Russia, Vladislav Surkov, after talks with Prime Minister of Kazakhstan, Serik Akhmetov, inform primeminister.kz site. In addition, the Prime Minister Serik Akhmetov said that the Ministry Surkov_Akhmetovof Transport and Communications of Kazakhstan is already working to introduce such a system in the country.

In early of November, Russia has invited Kazakhstan to participate in the project on marketing GLONASS technology – “ERA GLONASS” (emergency response in case of emergency). “ERA-GLONASS” is a project for emergency medical assistance in case of car accidents. “ERA-GLONASS” is a project on rendering emergency care to people in car accidents. The Russian Emergency Response System reduces the time of ambulance and rescuers arrival to the accident site to 30%.

At the end of the meeting, Vladislav Surkov gave an interview to the Kazakh journalists and said that a Eurasian transport corridor is impossible without cooperation with Kazakhstan. ““I believe we are mutually interested in introduction of navigation technologies on the basis of GLONASS system both in the territory of Russia and in the territory of Kazakhstan. We are ready for negotiations and expect that the main spheres of cooperation will be defined by the year end,” he said.

“Today, I came here to discuss the possibility of cooperation in the development of the navigation system” – Surkov said, stressing that “we regard Russia as a transit country, and we are very aware that without the fruitfulcooperation with Kazakhstan, Eurasian transport corridor cannot be developed”. “I think we have a common interest in implementing the system “GLONASS” navigation technology and associated ” – added Russian Deputy Prime Minister Surkov.

According National Innovation Policy of Kazakhstan, “seven projects on technologies commercialization were implemented in Kazakhstan in 2011. Another 22 projects are planned to be implemented in 2012. 105 applications for technology business incubation totaling 7.3 billion tenge were submitted in 2010, 210 applications totaling 1.6 billion tenge – in 2011”.