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Julian Assange – “Iraq, a real bloodbath in comparison with Afghanistan”

WikiLeaks released the largest classified military leak in history. The 391,832 reports (‘The Iraq War Logs‘), document the war and occupation in Iraq, from 1st January 2004 to 31st December 2009 (except for the months of May 2004 and March 2009) as told by soldiers in the United States Army.

The reports detail 109,032 deaths in Iraq, comprised of 66,081 ‘civilians’; 23,984 ‘enemy’ (those labeled as insurgents); 15,196 ‘host nation’ (Iraqi government forces) and 3,771 ‘friendly’ (coalition forces). The majority of the deaths (66,000, over 60%) of these are civilian deaths.That is 31 civilians dying every day during the six year period. For comparison, the ‘Afghan War Diaries’, covering the same period, detail the deaths of some 20,000 people. Iraq during the same period, was five times as lethal with equivallent population size, released by WikiLeaks.

The reports demonstrate the weakness of Iraq’s civic institutions, court system and military, even before sectarian violence exploded in 2006-2007.

Julian Assange, Wikileaks founder

“We are talking about five times more deaths in Iraq, a real bloodbath in comparison with Afghanistan”, told on CNN interview the founder of Wikileaks, Julian Assange, considering that “these cases the message is powerful and can make it easier to understand the situation in Afghanistan“. Documents reveal “more than 300 cases of torture and violence committed by coalition forces, and include more than 1,000 abuses committed by Iraqi forces”. In reply, the Pentagon‘s officials maintain that the documents released did not bring anything new  in discussion. A similar statement is made by Kamel al-Amin, the Iraqi Minister of Human Rights: “U.S. intelligence documents circulated by Wikileaks site doesn’t contain «surprises» for us about the war in Iraq”.
Angle of view of Minister Kamel al-Amin, however, is different.
“The documents were not a surprise to us, because we mentioned several times of the acts mentioned, including what happened at Abu Ghraib prison and other cases involving U.S. forces”.

UPDATE: U.S. military confidential documents published by Wikileaks site, revealing the “reality” of the war in Iraq, said Assange, Saturday (October 23) in a press conference in London. Caught in a conflict that has proven that isn’t their, European partners of Allied forces in Iraq prefer to avoid discussing this topic.

Of course, in the chaos of Iraq doesn’t lack political confrontation !! Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki’s opponents said the WikiLeaks documents showed he must be stopped from consolidating power. Al-Maliki’s office responded by saying the document leak was timed to sabotage his re-election hopes.