IMF towards Ukraine’s pro-Western leaders: ”We’ll pay for War !”

Do you think that the title is exaggerated ? Then how would you synthesize the following news ?

(Reuters) – The International Monetary Fund warned on Thursday it would be forced to re-design its $17 billion bailout for Ukraine and require additional financing if the country lost territory in its restive eastern region. The Fund also said a deterioration in relations between Ukraine and Russia, which buys about a quarter of Ukrainian exports, could further hurt Kiev’s economy (!?) and force an adjustment to the bailout approved by the IMF board on Wednesday.

Statement by IMF representatives came as a response to the statements of the interim president of Ukraine, Olexander Turchynov. Yesterday, the West must have been unpleasantly impressed listening to the lamentations of Turchynov. Ukraine’s acting president has admitted what had long been obvious: ”his government has practically lost control of the east of the country”, with his security forces “helpless” to stop a rolling takeover by pro-Russia gunmen. Turchynov also said numerous ”Ukrainian military and security personnel had defected to the rebels, taking their arms with them”. Using the language of defeat, he told a meeting of regional governors: “I will be frank. Today, security forces are unable to take the situation in the Donetsk and Luhansk regions quickly under control”. (His comments came after anti-Kiev militants seized a string of official buildings in the eastern city of Luhansk on Tuesday).

UKRAINE-RUSSIA-POLITICS-CRISIS-SLAVYANSKSo, without Ukraine’s tax revenue from the rich East and some businesses to robbed, and with the western regions hoping to become the new European assisted social and get on EU benefits programs, the IMF representatives have seen black in front of their eyes. ”No fight – no East, no East – no money” ! Faced with the threat of financial occult leaders in Kiev have seen red in front of their eyes. ”No IMF money – no alms and electoral promises – no votes – no legitimacy!”. Next move – Ukrainian government launches a new military offensive.  

Early today 2 May, an anti-terrorist operation initiated by the Ukrainian government resumed in Slaviansk, a Donetsk Oblast city of 125,000 people that has been occupied by pro-Russian militants.

May 2, 4:12 p.m. – The pro-Russian protesters in Slaviansk are keeping almost the entire city under control except several streets in the suburbs, a source from the self-defense headquarters told Interfax. “The security forces controlled by Kyiv have failed to take the city but have taken only a couple of streets in the suburbs. The city itself is still fully controlled by the self-defense forces” he said. Shooting is still heard in the city, but no large-scale combat activities are under way now, he said.

May 2, 5:45 p.m. – Interim President Oleksandr Turchynov said the Ukrainian forces’ attack on the checkpoints in Slaviansk on May 2 left “many insurgents dead, wounded and arrested”. “The operation doesn’t unroll as fast as we want it to, and is significantly complicated by the fact that the terrorists’ bases are located in the crowded cities and the terrorists themselves hide behind the civilians, take hostages and shoot from the windows of apartment buildings” Turchynov said.

The fight goes on ! Welcome ! a new ”Syria” is coming…

Let’s make things clear ! I don’t like the idea&way of Russia expanding its borders. I also hate the idea&way of the Ukrainian coup government is killing the other Ukrainians that wish nothing to do with the new government.

But to push into a corner a state and after to say ”we make the rules ! you follow them or die ! but it’s your choice to live/get this money or not !” is a serious criminal offense . It’s called extortion. Extortion of human lives !

Update, May 2, 19:00 pm – Events in Odessa are a terrible tragedy. No one mind and soul still right can believe otherwise.

(BBC News) – At least 31 people have been killed in a fire in an official building amid violence in Odessa in south-west Ukraine, the interior ministry says.

The deaths came as pro-Russian protesters clashed with Ukrainian government supporters in the city.

Officials said some people were overwhelmed by smoke and others died after they jumped from the building.


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  2. искал в гугле россия 24 донецк, нашел ваш блог IMF towards Ukraine's pro-Western leaders: ”We'll pay for War …, спасибо!

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