Opening Ceremony of Sochi 2014 – ambition & avantgarde art style

Although there were a few competitions starting yesterday, the Sochi Olympics Game will not officially begin until the end of the opening ceremony from tonight. Fisht Olympic Stadium will hold an impressive show of light, color and Russian spirituality. 

Bf0G2AECUAArHYSTonight’s Opening Ceremony of Sochi 2014 will feature key episodes of Russian history including Russian Revolution in avantgarde art style. A fleet of ships under the command of Peter the Great, scenes recreated from Nikolai Gogol’s masterwork “Dead Souls” and a variety of Russian fairy tales will be part of a special effects-laden event that will also feature plenty of ice, reports Russian newspaper Izvestia. The ceremony also included a long DJ set featuring popular Russian songs, including by Putin’s favorite band, Lube. The traditional event is a huge opportunity of the Russian organizers to do their best to put on a memorable performance. Ambition of the organizers is to make an unforgettable event and shift to change for the better image of Russia in the world. Additionally, the parade of nations and lighting of the torch (which symbolizes Prometheus’ theft of fire from the Greek god Zeus) are two features that connect these games to every other one before it.

The Parade of Nations – alphabetical order according to their Cyrillic name

The Parade of Nations is one of the best known Olympic spectacles. It’s when all the athletes representing their respective countries in the Games get to walk around an arena decked out in patriotic colors while in alphabetical order by country name. That last part is very important — if a country leaves alphabetical order, it’s automatically disqualified from the Games.

This year there’s a twist: The countries will be introduced in alphabetical order according to their Russian spelling. Per Olympic tradition, alphabet forget – Greece goes first. Russia, as the host nation, will go last.

Russian President Vladimir Putin will be in attendance, although many other high-level officials around the world are skipping the event.

What time is the opening ceremony?

The Opening Ceremony will actually happen Friday, Feb. 7 at 20.15 p.m., Moscow Time. There is an interactive time map that will help you not to miss the spectacular event.


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