Orthodoxy and the Kremlin’s PR agencies

It’s no secret that the Russian Orthodox Church has been over time a redoubtable agent of ideological and electoral strategies of the all regimes that have succeeded in the Kremlin. So the intention of becoming a political player whose opinion must be taken into account seems to be just a natural step in his ascension. One of the increasingly visible.

As such, beyond the excessive alarmism of public statements (even somewhat funny !), it is entirely appropriate that Head of the Russian Orthodox Church warned Western governments on Sunday against legalization of same-sex marriages what he called a “sign of approaching end of the world”.

According to Russian media reports, Patriarch Kirill said during a religious service at Moscow’s major cathedral that the recent initiatives in a range of countries to legalize same-sex marriages “is a dangerous and apocalyptic symptom” that should not spread over to Russia, that Russia whose Christian messianic mission underpinning to all Russian ideologies with nationalistic tone.Vladimir Putin and Patriarch Kiril

Until to this point, the things seem to be normal in the current times daily. Simultaneously, however, with the high priest statements, press from Russia reminded to the public “the undeniable spiritual ties” of the Kremlin leader, Vladimir Putin, with orthodoxy, in the documentary ‘The second baptism of Rus’, which was featured on the state Russian Tv Chanel.

About which we find out that he was secretly baptized by his mother, without to know his father – to not jeopardize the career of his father – repression practiced by the Communist Party is well known – but with a phenomenal intuition I can to say, since over more than five decades it proves useful for christened son  !
I say “reminded” because I see no bomb-disclosure as titrated some representatives of the media, the information was public since the publication of the biographic/propaganda book “First person. Conversation with Vladimir Putin”, ie more than a decade ago.2VSN_5962-1200

But the appearance of this news is not random, since from the site of the Russian presidency we find that “Vladimir Putin will meet with Patriarch of Moscow and All Russia Kirill and representatives of the different Orthodox Patriarchates and Churches, who will be in Moscow to celebrate the 1025th anniversary of the Baptism of Rus. “The meeting, which will take place in the Grand Kremlin Palace, will be a unique event in that for the first time ever it brings together the heads and senior clergy of the 15 Orthodox Churches: the Patriarchates and Orthodox Churches of Constantinople, Alexandria, Antioch, Jerusalem, Russia, Georgia, Serbia, Albania, Romania, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Poland, the Czech lands, Slovakia and Greece, as well as the Russian Orthodox Church in America”.

Wow ! That’s a real hit! I mean that Putin just got  a top “PR company” with a total of about 227 million potential customers aka well-faithful congregants on an area not insignificant. Context in which, although in unequal competition with the Pope’s visit to Latin America, Vladimir Putin awarded laurels for “the most effective and ad-hoc established PR team”. But I don`t know, given the appetite for luxury at the exorbitant prices of Patriarch Kirill, if there is something cost less than those allocated to the Pope’s visit to Brazil.

Versiunea în limba română aici.


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