Increased number of victims from the NATO-Control Airbase in Jalalabad.

Taliban Season has begun

Security forces have confirmed that at least 12 dead bodies found from the NATO-Control Airbase in Jalalabad.

Afghan local Police has confirmed that 12 dead bodies were found around the entrance of the airfield in the eastern city of Jalalabad, said AFP. Some unofficial sources said that more than 12 dead bodies were found. Still, It was not clear whether the dead were Afghan security forces or militants.

Taliban-005According to the sources Taliban attacked around 6:00 local time in Jalalbad, the capital city of Afghanistan’s eastern province of Nangarhar, Sunday morning. Eye witnesses told that they have heard explosions and firing to heavy weapons. Initially, the number of victims reported was 3 Afghan soldiers and several wounded. Taliban have owned the attack and claimed they attack on the compound of the base harm the U.S forces. It is remembering that, in Winter, Taliban enhanced the attacks on security forces in past years as they have jackets and ‘Chaders’ ( A piece of cloth to wear to save the body from winter cold) to hide the weapons. In Afghanistan Winter season is called the “Taliban Season”. 11 years after they were hounded across the border into Pakistan and were ready to surrender, Taliban insurgents have regrouped and became a formidable force once more.

Security forces told the media that there have been multiple explosions in the Jalalabad airfield. According to the unofficial sources two suicide bombers hit their explosive-laden vehicles into separate entrances of the base, sparking a gunfight between the militants and security forces. According to the Major Martin Creighton, a spokesman for the International Security Assistance Force (ISAF), “There were multiple suicide bombers involved”

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