Patriot missiles on Turkish-Syrian border irritate Russia and Iran

The request of the authorities of Ankara for deployment of Patriot missiles on Turkish territory caused reactions of irritation from Russia and Iran.

Russia has advised Turkey to not install Patriot missiles near the border with Syria. Moscow to encourage Ankara to seek and find a political solution, said the spokesman of the Russian Foreign Ministry Alexander Lukasevich, quoted by RiaNovosti.

“The militarization of Turkish-Syrian border  is a worrying sign”, said Aleksandr Lukaşevich. “Our piece of advice for Turkish colleagues is another: to use potential impact on the Syrian opposition to achieve faster start inter-Syrian dialogue, and not the use of force to cause a dangerous turn of the situation” the Russian diplomat said.

“I saw the reaction of our NATO partners” said also Russian Foreign Ministry spokesman, confirming that the availability of North Atlantic Alliance has created some nervousness in Moscow. Note that immediately after receiving the request, the Secretary General of NATO, Anders Fogh Ramussen, wrote on his Twitter account that the organization will discuss “without delay” about Turkish request.
“It is a defense system and no one country, especially Russia should not express concern”, said Ahmet Davutoglu during a meeting with media in Ankara on the talks with Sheikh Ahmad al-Khatib Moazthe, President of new coalition of the Syrian opposition.
Russia’s discontent is added warnings from regime in Tehran, despite assessments received this week by PM Erdogan for acid statements against Israel.
Ali Larijani, head of Parliament in Tehran who is on a visit to Beirut said that Turkey’s intention is not productive, adding: “Syria’s internal crisis can not be solved by the implementation of such missiles”, mentions stiriexterne . com.

After leaving Lebanon, Larijani arrived in Turkey to meet with Prime Minister Erdogan.


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