Europe, wake up !? Where are your principles of democracy?

Romanian President Traian Basescu appears to have survived a referendum on his impeachment. The country’s election bureau estimated turnout at 45.9%, which is below the 50% + 1 required to make the result valid. Now we speak only estimates, not reliable results. I know that this percent says nothing 🙂 To be more specifically: over 9 millions Romanian were to vote. Among them, 86% voted to dismiss President Basescu. That is approx. 8 million people.

Mr Basescu had initially urged Romanians to vote “no” to what he called “a coup”, but later asked his supporters to boycott the vote altogether, a stance also adopted by the opposition Liberal Democrats. Suspended President Basescu is a champion of change decisions depending on how windy (own interests!)

What means for Europe Union the will and decision of 8 million people ? Nothing ! At least it statements Traian Basescu, who has praised his supporters for not having voted and said that “European leaders in coming days will appreciate that the Romanians were boycotted coup d′etat given to the 256 Members of Romania′s Parliament”. So, Old Lady Europe, he is right? Is that right that citizens of European countries are urged to give away their constitutional right to vote ?

So…, it’s time to clear things up (I stood away from political controversies during the referendum campaign, even if political leaders from President suspended supporters were delivered to external audiences a series of distortions and manipulations). I’m sure that my loyal readers from Parliament and European Commission will be interested in these issues. At least I hope! 🙂

1. Despite recommendations by the Venice Commission, to the referendum in Romania the European Commission has imposed a threshold for participation. It is democratic, right ?

2. Although voting is the supreme expression of a democratic society, Romanian President Basescu urged the public to not go to the polls. In fact, he himself not voted. Traian Basescu is an exponent of European democracy, right ? Therefore he also was supported by the weight of European leaders, right ? (even if he himself admitted public that he lied by omission to Chancellor Angela Merkel !!!)

3. Parliament expresses a country’s democratic elections of citizens of that country. In which country in the world, a coup d′etat is given by a democratically elected and functional parliament ?

4. Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban, asked the Hungarian population in Romania, in public way not to attend to vote and to sustain Traian Basescu. I suppose this suggests the association of two perfect leaders democrats, right?

Europe, wake up ! Perhaps before can endorse the statements of suspended President – denied the 8,000,000 of its own citizens (census of 2011, Romania has only 15 million people able to vote, but the vote was held on the electoral lists in 2004 that were not reviewed) leaders of democratic Europe give their own the answers to the questions like the above.

Update: 30 july 2012, 9,30 am (Bucharest time)Partial results

Voter turnout: 46, 13 %

Votes for dismissal of the President: 87,55
Votes against dismissal: 11,12
Invalid votes: 1,31

Update: 1 august 2012Final result

Voter turnout: 46, 24%

Votes for dismissal of the President: 87,52% – 7.403.836 votes
Votes against dismissal11,15% –                              943.375 votes
Invalid votes1,32% –                                                    111.842 votes

Material preluat de către Observator European (Bruxelles) – proiect media al Radio România Actualități


4 responses to “Europe, wake up !? Where are your principles of democracy?

  1. Is well to know that Basescu was elected president with 5 millions votes, and cannot be dismissed with 8 millions votes ! What kind of democracy ????

  2. Desigur cand vorbesti despre democratie, iei in calcul ca acest referendum nu a fost cerut de catre populatie, ci a fost un joc politic. Iar faptul ca rezultatul nu a fost cel scontat acum deranjeaza… iar pe tine sincer nu te pune intr-o pozitie chiar impartiala.

    De ce ar trebui sa platesc pentru un referendum pe care nu il doresc, din banii proprii. Fiecare a cotizat o anumita suma la acest referendum… si pentru ce? ca sa isi poata arata fiecare muschii.

    Ma mira ca omiti ce a facut USL-ul. Probabil ca ei ti se par mai democrati.

    Oarecum satul de mizeriile care apar… va salut cu drag.

  3. Flavius, îți respect opinia. Nici măcar nu spun că nu ai dreptate. Dacă intri pe pagina mea de FB vei vedea că opiniile mele nu sunt deloc pro-USL. Din punctul meu de vedere, ministrul Rus a comis-o grav, pe banii nostri ai tuturor și pe votul tuturor celor peste 8 milioane de votanti.
    Dar aici nu e vorba de USL, Aici e vorba de Traian Basescu și a sa lipsă organică de caracter. Și de toleranță zero la democrație cu acordul tacit al liderilor europeni. Punct.
    Multumesc de vizita si opinie. 🙂

  4. total de acord

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