Romanian Parliament finalized the impeachment procedure of President Basescu

Romania’s Parliament finalized impeachment proceedings Friday to suspend President Traian BasescuIn a motion filed in parliament, the ruling coalition accused the president of violating the country’s constitution and overstepping his authority. 

After the vot of Romanian Parliament (256 votes pro-impeachment – the minimum number of votes for the suspending was 212), the Constitutional Court shall declares vacant the post of president. Traian Basescu is suspended for a month and the country will hold a referendum within 30 days on – 29 July 2012. During the president’s suspension, National Liberal Party leader Crin Antonescu, who is also the newly appointed president of the Senate, will assumes the interim presidency.

U.S. State Department issued a statement calling that «the process be conducted in a fully fair and transparent manner, with scrupulous respect for the rule of law and democratic ideals». It should be noted that Romania’s foreign partners concerns come amid a fierce media battle (internal and especially external), a war of statements conducted on the well known principle : A la guerre, come a la guerre! From the arsenal used by the two sides are not missing incendiary phrases such as a coup d’etat, abuse of power, anti-constitutional, undemocratic. In fact, this is not happens something out of the patterns of political struggle. Or more precisely, if both sides would exchange places with their opponents, they would use the same manner.

Note that is the second time when President Basescu is facing to impeachment procedure, first time in 2007, also due to its controversial way to overcome the constitutional powers.


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