Rio+20 – “The future we want” or the long way from words to deeds

Versiunea în limba română poate fi accesată aici.

As I said in other time, the world′s leadership has summits, many summits…and few results. 🙂 Therefore, while in St. Petersburg is held Russian Davos (where were moved with agendas and luggages all the economic heavyweights from the Business-20), Rio de Janeiro (20-22 June 2012) carried out the United Nations Conference on Sustainable Development, where agreed to meet more than 100 heads of State and Government and over 40,000 officials, in attempt “to shape a series of policies and measures to eradicate poverty and promote global prosperity, advance social equity, and protection of environment” (I quote from the official presentation of the conference).

In his speach in the opening of meeting, the Secretary General of UN, Ban Ki-moon urged those present to not miss the historic chance of an agreement to accelerate the implementation of sustainable development (text document on which negotiated and reached an consensus 191 countries will be included in the documents adopted at the end of the conference and will now be put forward for adoption by Heads of State at the conclusion of Rio+20). “Let us not waste this opportunity. The world is watching to see if words will translate into action, as we know they must” said Ban Ki-Moon. Well, the loyal readers of this virtual space already know, I’m not a fan of the United Nations which I consider that is a perversion of a noble ideas in a rigid and bureaucratic mammoth, with funded based on at least questionable criteria. Rio +20 Conference aims to be a follower of the Earth Summit – 1992, after which there have been “uneven progress” – (I quote from the draft of the document mentioned above and that you can be found on our website in the category Whitepaper ) – that is a diplomatic way of saying that the results of the last two decades must be searched with a magnifying glass. I said diplomatically. In reality, despair, death rates and number of people living on the edge between life and death in underdeveloped countries is still the same, ethnic conflicts worldwide increased and weapons manufacturers have increased their earnings, and poverty and unemployment spread worldwide like a plague, focus just in those country from where was expect a helping hand. But, trying not to be more Catholic than the Pope, I appreciate the recognition by the UN Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon that the world is in a moment of deadlock, the old system of economic and social progress proves obsolete and need urgent to find new models in acute conditions … of lack of time. “We have been given a second chance,” Mr. Ban said, adding that since the Earth Summit twenty years ago progress has been too slow, and much more needs to be done. “Rio+20 is not an end but a beginning. It is time for all of us to think globally and locally.” The future we want (the entitled of the document signed at the end of Rio +20) is intended as a possible model. How viable or how is bureaucratic paperwork, you decide. Acta non verba !*

*Motto of the United States Merchant Marine Academy


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