Obama wishes to meet Hollande before G8 and NATO Summit

According Office of the Press Secretary of White House, “President Obama called President-elect Francois Hollande of France to congratulate him after the results of the French election.  President Obama indicated that he looks forward to working closely with Mr. Hollande and his government on a range of shared economic and security challenges.”

More, President Obama noted that he will welcome President-elect Hollande to Camp David for the G-8 Summit and to Chicago for the NATO Summit later this month, and proposed that they meet beforehand at the White House. The trip to Washington will follow shortly after Hollande’s inauguration and his first trip abroad, to Berlin, where he will meet German Chancellor Angela Merkel.

The inauguration of France’s new president, Socialist leader Francois Hollande is set to take place on May 15, reports BBC. The date of the official ceremony was set by the French Presidential Candidates Nicolas Sarkozy and Francois Hollande at the course of the negotiations taking place on May 7. Notice: French president-elect Francois Hollande said that he would reveal his choice for prime minister on May 15 when he is due to be inaugurated. ‘You will have the name of the prime minister on May 15,’ Mr Hollande told reporters.

One response to “Obama wishes to meet Hollande before G8 and NATO Summit

  1. Brigitte Bastillette

    Je suis terriblement en colère.J’ai elu François Hollande pour la présidentielle parce que je voulais croire ai changement qui était exposé et à d’une majorité irréprochable. Comme je suis déçue de constater que François Hollande va choisir en Premier ministre Jean Marc Ayrault, qui n’est pas irréprochable ! Ce monsieur a quand même était l’objet d’une condamnation à de la prison pour acte de favoritisme ! Tellement décue..

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