Moscow – The Ceremony of Putin’s return to Kremlin

 Usually “The ceremony took office President of the Russian Federation”  broadcast two public companies – “First Channel” (Pervyi Kanal) and RTR, sometimes joins them is also a channel “TV Center”, which its status as a public company. In 2008, when was the inauguration of the president Dmitry Medvedev mandat, these three television carried live coverage of the ceremony. This time, as we found from the website of Russian Premier / President, the ceremony of Tsar Putin’s return to Kremlin will be broadcast live by 6 TV channels. Also Russia’s major national channels will show special programs devoted to Vladimir Putin. First Channel will invite political scientists, sociologists and cultural activists in its studio. They will summarize the results of Putin’s work and share their expectations of his new term as Russia’s president.

Although organizers have kept secret many details of ceremony, is supposed to be an impressive event that will be seen by tens of millions of viewers in Russia and beyond. RIA Novosti takes a closer look at the official ceremony. Kremlin ceremony will begin at 11.30 am (Moscow time) and will take one hour. The ceremony will cost 26 million rubles ($878,400); 1,000 guests including state deputies, ministers, presidential administrators, governors, cultural figures, political scientists, media representatives and diplomats will attend it.

The ceremony in Moscow takes place amid the opposition’s protests that continue to challenge the legitimacy of new presidential mandate of Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin. More, Internet activists from the hacking group Anonymous vowed on Friday to attack Russian government websites ahead of the May 7 inauguration.

Update: 6 May 2012, The “March of a Million”

A protest demonstration (which was uninspired called the “March of a Million”) by at least 20,000 – 40,000 people on the eve of Vladimir Putin’s inauguration as president boiled into a battle with police after protesters tried to split off from the approved venue and march to the Kremlin. Among those arrested were three of the leaders of the opposition movement that gained new life over the winter: Sergei Udaltsov, Alexei Navalny and Boris Nemtsov.

Update_26 May 2012, President Medvedev fired navy chief on last day in office

President Dmitry Medvedev dismissed the head of Russia’s accident-prone navy and named a new air force chief on his last full day in office on Sunday as he prepares to take the No. 2 post under Vladimir Putin. Medvedev replaced Vysotsky with a vice-admiral, Viktor Chirkov. In another decree, he named General Viktor Bondarev to replace former air force chief Alexander Zelin, who had grumbled about military restructuring and was dismissed on April 27. Medvedev also dismissed the commander of the army in late April, but appointed him to a high-level post as deputy head of the military general staff. On Sunday, Medvedev named Zelin as an aide to Defence Minister Anatoly Serdyukov.


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