Change of government to Bucharest

Government of Romania led by Mihai Razvan Ungureanu was dismissed. Ungureanu Government has not passed the censure motion initiated by the Opposition, who received 235 votes today in the plenary hall of the Palace of Parliament. There were only nine votes against the motion, the deputies of power party preferring to not go to the polls. Following this result, under Article 110 of the Constitution, the Government has lost the confidence of Parliament. Government led by MRUngureanu survived only 75 days in office and managed to make too little of what it proposed and what is expected of it. Is the shortest term of a prime minister in the last 20 years.

Note that in recent weeks, Liberal Democratic Party (in power) lost many MPs which have decided to go into opposition. Former Prime Minister and LDP leader Emil Boc said that “government dismissal is a victory of political transits from one party to another”. Asked if the current coalition will present at consultations at Cotroceni Palace with another proposal of Prime Minister, leader LDP Emil Boc said that “coalition no longer exists at this time”, accusing of betrayal to national minorities group in Parliament.

The International Monetary Fund delegation which is visiting in Romania has canceled official meetings until will be clarified the political situation. Romanian President Traian Basescu called on leaders of political parties for consultation about the nomination of a new Prime Minister. Honorary President of Social Democratic Party, ex-President Ion Iliescu said on Radio France International statement, that the motion′s victory is “the confirmation of a mess the current administration”. According with the National Liberal Party and opposition leader, Crin Antonescu: “President Traian Basescu should take into account the new reality of Romanian politics when deciding whom entrusted with the responsibility of a new government”.

One of opposition leader nominated to form new government

UPDATE: President Traian Basescu consultations with representatives of the

Victor Ponta, leader of Social Democratic Party

Liberal Democratic Party have took 5 minutes. Finally, LDP leader, Emil Boc said that the party has not made any proposal to Prime Minister. LDP leaders hope that by passing in opposition, the party will be able to recover on the perspective of parliamentary elections in November. Also 5 minutes were required the leaders of alliance Social Liberal Union to notify the President TB that they are ready to assume the country’s government, and the nomination for the chair of  prime minister is the leader of the Social Democratic Party, Victor Ponta. Social Liberal Union brings together the National Liberal, Social Democratic and Conservative Party. It is expected until the end of the day Romanian President to announce who will nominate to form new government.

UPDATE_2: Romanian President Traian Basescu nominated the leader of Social Democratic Party, Victor Ponta, as premier. The new prime minister has 10 days to form a new executiv cabinet that will be presented at the investiture in Parliament. Ponta said that he already has a list of potential ministers. Normally, the IMF representatives will continue their evaluation mission.


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