Revolution of decency – Romania into Eastern European Spring

With some delay compared to the sister countries in European Union, Romania has entered into an Eastern European Spring. Thousands of Romanian staged a fourth day of protests in Bucharest and other 39 cities of country. Bucharest protest degenerated into violent clashes with police. 50 people were injured. Over 250 people were detained by police.

Ultimate solution, once the revolution !

In the last hour 500 students have joined the protesters. It requires the resignation of President Basescu and early elections. People chanted: Ultimate solution, once the revolution ! with reference to the revolution of 1989 when the communist regime was overthrown.

President Basescu has avoided expressing an opinion about protests. Protests started on Thursday in support of Deputy Health Minister Raed Arafat, who resigned this week after criticising the draft healthcare reform bill and being confronted by President Basescu, a supporter of the project. Afterwards the protests expanded from support for dr. Arafat to general discontent with the government’s unpopular austerity measures and too many dictatorial tendencies of the regime in Bucharest.

Sunday, January 15, at 20.30, co-president of Social-Liberal Alliance, Crin Antonescu, held a press conference in which called a extraordinary parliamentary session  and start the procedure for early elections . Protests have spread from University Square to Union Square.
Serious violence in Union Square
Sunday, January 15, at 22.00 :
The violences has taken a serious turn in Union Square in Bucharest.  Two policemen were seriously injured. “It is important for protesters to understand that we are not against them, we are here to protect them and … make sure the law is respected” said Georgian Enache, spokesman for Bucharest riot police, who added he didn’t have estimates as to how many protesters had gathered in downtown Bucharest.
The protesters have accused police of using unwarranted force. Interior Minister convened a crisis cell. 
Sunday, January 15, at 23.45:
Union Square – Anarchists have used stones and Molotov cocktails against the police. Number of victims of aggression in downtown reached 29, 15 have required hospitalization at University Hospital Emergency. Gangs of hooligans vandalized shops in the area. Some cars have been destroyed. Security forces used water cannons and tear gas trying to recover control of the area.
University Square – The protest continued peacefully.
Sunday, January 15, at 23.59:
Gendarmerie′s representatives intervened to disperse the protesters. Sanitation service machines began to clean the area. From the government has not yet been made ​​public an official opinion. The protesters announced that they will return tomorrow. Analysts said the protests are a sign of revival of  Romania civil society. I would say that this is an example of national and social solidarity. A successful example after several years of silence in which complaints have steadily accumulated.

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