Anna Chapman and Putin’s Nashi (Young Guard)

Anna Chapman, the glamorous former Russia spy, returned to Western media pages. Accordind AP, Anna Chapman wasn’t just a member of one of the largest rings of Russian sleeper agents ever rolled up by the FBI, officials say. The 29-year-old former real estate agent, who became a lingerie model and corporate spokeswoman back in Moscow, represented a new breed of Russian spies adapted to the post-Cold War world. Bringing the media attention the controversial spy story seems not to be random. Chapman now has a prominent position in Russia’s Young Guard (Molodaya Gvardiya), the youth wing of the United Russia party which utterly dominates the country’s politics — and is headed by prime ­minister Vladimir Putin. Young Guard’s most sinister and controversial activities consist of naming ‘journalist-traitors’ whom it considers disloyal to the ruling regime.


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