Why I have not commented on the tragedy of Oslo ?

Some readers asked me (here or on FB)

  • Why I have not commented on the tragedy of Oslo ?

Because I refuse to be a marketing tool of a psychopath. I will not even write his name because it actually wants. I think the media terribly wrong this time, and dissected for days, until the level of detail, the thinking, behavior and life of a madman. Of course, we can to talk about multiculturalism, about failure transplant of cultures and religious beliefs sometimes totally opposed as visions, about non-social integration and the lack of clear European programs to prevent the problems caused by immigrants. Maybe it’s a good time to talk realistically about these issues. But to seek to find a justification for the gesture of a man obsessed by fantasies, with sick minds (who wants dead Norwegian prime minister but failing that, killing nearly a hundred innocent young Christians, although he hates the Islamists ), this is the competence of specialists in psychiatry not the media.


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