Europe – Russia Forum – 6th edition, Warsaw/Poland

Polish capital, Warsaw, will host during 31 May – 2 June, 2011, 6th edition of Europe – Russia Forum. The motto of this year’s meeting is “Partnership for Modernization” and this project will be reflected in the plenary session with participation of the Speakers of Parliaments from the European Union and Russia. Participation in the discussion opening the meeting was announced by: Grzegorz Schetyna – Speaker of the Polish Sejm; Norbert Lammert – Speaker of German Bundestag; Bernard Accoyer – Speaker of the National Assembly of the French Republic; Luka Bebic Speaker of the Croatian Parliament; Ene Ergma – Speaker of Estonian Riigikogu. The idea of partnership between the European Union and Russia for the benefit of modernization, initiated by Russian President Dmitry Medvedev during the Stockholm Summit EU-Russia in 2009, entails a broad spectrum of joint actions for the benefit of establishing a common space in the area of economics, energy, trade and culture between Europe and Russia.

Held under the Honorary Patronage of Mr Grzegorz Schetyna, Speaker of the Polish Parliament, the 6th Europe-Russia Forum creates a platform for discussion on the current state of cooperation within the Eurasian Continent, in which the modernization programme would be a factor in Russia’s construction of the “Common space between the European Union and Russia.”  At the Forum will meet government officials and political leaders, business executives, local government and NGO activists, leading analysts and academics. Approximately 200 participants from the EU, CIS and USA are expected to attend the Forum. One of important events during the first day of the Forum will be presentation of “Report on Transformation – Russia 2010”, which will consider the most significant trends in the Russian economy, political and social life. The study has been compiled by a group of experts under the guidance of Konstantin Simonov, the President of the Russian Centre for Current Politics and Director General of the National Energy Security Fund.

Location: The Eastern Institute; Forum Agenda:
Presentation of the Report: Russia 2010. Successes, failures and perspectives
II. Plenary sessions:

  • Partnership for modernization
  • XXI century Russia. Expectations and projects

III. Discussion panels:

  • Europe and Russia in the global economy: opportunities and threats
  • EU and Russia – foreign policy directions
  • NATO-EU-Russia relations after the Lisbon summit
  • EU-Russia. New perspectives for partnership and cooperation
  • Investments. Russian reality and European expectations
  • Energy industry. Russian resources and European security
  • Regional cooperation. European experience and Russian needs
  • Third EU energy package: bone of contention in EU – Russian relations. Is it possible to find Ariadne’s thread?

IV. Round table:

  •  European union and Russia: common values

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    Well, think will be grateful if can post conclusions after event

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