Medvedev Vs Putin: The Dilemma Of Elections With Predictable End

Although the possibility of a spectacular turn up in next year’s presidential elections in the Russian Federation is as likely as the transformation of Siberia in the tropical forest, however the media’s curiosity about the person who will be the next candidate remains at its highest. Or is it more like a PR game that the press seems to have been joined by drum-rolled and trumpets. Any output in public a high official from Russia finally gets the same question: Who will runs – Medvedev or Putin ?

Around tandem pointed, about its unity or possible splitting is discussed more intense than on political programs, priorities and substantial problems of Russian society. There isn’t even a bit of suspense on the possibility of a surprise candidate. Recent moves from Sergey Mironov’s party led to some speculation in what concerns the Head of the Mission of Russia to NATO, Dmitry Rogozin. But just as quickly Ambassador Rogozin declined the existence of such a possibility. The chaos and lack of unity in the bosom of the fragile opposition excludes the chance of a viable candidate, no matter how vocal would like Nemtsov or Kasparov. Candidates by profession from the LDPR – Zhirinovsky and the Communists – Zyuganov will only provide a vague feeling of democratic elections. However, recently in Stockholm, premier Putin, although he reiterated that it is too early to decide who is the future candidate, assured journalists that they will like what will hear. Until Vladimir Vladimirovich decides to make public its offer, one undeniable of course, take a look at the scene of Moscow in search of possible clues. (Full text)

Published Eurasia Review, 6 Mai 2011


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