Is something wrong on precious metals market ?

So, silver surges on margin hike news, taking out $32, and fresh 31 year highs. The warnings about precious metals market manipulation  seem to become justified. There has been a lot of speculation whether this person is the real deal or someone yanking the collective chain of the Silver bugs. When Winter Benton first popped up on the scene he or she was met with skepticism by many but welcomed by others as a savior. Winter claims to be the spokesperson for a group of pissed off ex-JPM employees who know how to game the system in their favor. More about can read here and here.

Otherwise, after the Federal Reserve signaled its dissatisfaction with U.S. job growth, the dollar fell against the Euro for the first week in almost a month. A currency expert said, “The Fed reiterated that they will maintain a high bar for rate raises” reports Bloomberg. The Friday session – the averages of capital market have moved in a sideways manner over the past hour but they remain near session highs. The Dow is the biggest winner, up more than 0.45% for the session. Advancing stocks are ahead of declining stocks by more than 2:1, while up volume and down volume are even. Crude oil prices are off their best levels but remain higher by 0.8%. The Dow is up 55 points to 12,373, the Nasdaq is up 7 points to 2,838 and the S&P is up 2 points to 1,343.


2 responses to “Is something wrong on precious metals market ?

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  2. They must remember that can fool all the people some of the time, and some of the people all the time, but they cannot fool all the people all the time.

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