Obama’s State of the Union speech – a lost dream, a fragile hope

In his first two addresses to the nation, Obama has leaned heavily on the policy specifics. But in last year the economic crisis overlapped with Wikileaks revelations, his «gray eminence» Rahm Emanuel left the White House, the conflict in Afghanistan seems to haven′t a solution and the Chinese leader was received with high honors. Dynamic of domestic and international events has left its mark on the White House′s politics and  on Obama’s popularity.

Remarks by the President in State of Union Address

So: jobs, investment, innovation and again jobs. Obama has a love-hate relationship with the economy. Still seeking to convince Americans that some of the unpopular economic decisions he made during the first two years of his administration were necessary, Obama also argued that those policies were responsible for the recovery that’s begun to take hold. President Obama claims a new era of cooperation. But that’s nothing new. In addition, such speeches are common in Beijing or Moscow.

So, investment in biomedical research, space program, clean energy. Very good. Only the most private research (part of large companies) is in countries with very good specialists but labor is cheap. Cutting taxes will bring them home?  There is a fragile hope, but better avoid to pronounce … Space exploration program next year will become dependent on Russia and probably China … (every friendship has its price !!).  🙂 Framing clean technology in terms of national competitiveness, Obama went on to say that Europe or China invest in clean energy, “because they want those jobs“. Building the facilities to create clean energy and offering homeowners rebates for making their homes more energy efficient will create those jobs in the US. Incentives for energy efficiency and clean energy are the right thing to do for America’s future. As an indication of how President Obama’s proposals on energy aimed to find common ground, Republicans seemed to agree that innovation and clean energy have key roles to play in America’s economic future… And when talk about America’s future, perhaps most important thing is how the public will understand Obama′s call for civic solidarity. While it might seems just like a political slogan, America is still one of the few countries in which solidarity is not just theory. And from here arises the fragile hope that the lost American Dream could be found again. Even though, most certainly in a much different concept.


In the same times, unpleasant news for former Obama’s chief of staff, Rahm Emanuel. An Illinois appellate court on Monday threw former White House chief of staff Rahm Emanuel off the ballot for Chicago mayor because he didn’t live in the city in the year before the election. The decision put Emanuel’s candidacy into doubt a month before the election. He had been considered the front-runner and had raised more money than any other candidate. Emanuel moved back to Chicago in October after living in Washington while working as President Barack Obama’s chief of staff.

Emanuel’s lawyer said he is hopeful the state Supreme Court will take up the case, especially since the appeals court decision was not unanimous. “I think the fact that there’s a dispute within the appellate court certainly makes the case more enticing to the Supreme Court, but I don’t speak for them” lawyer Mike Kasper said.


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