Domodedovo Airport Moscow – Return of terror

Yesterday the eyes of the whole world were fixed on Moscow again: 35 people were killed, including five foreign travelers, 180 were injured, 40 seriously affected.

«Terrorist attack on Domodedovo. Unfortunately, not last» wrote on his blog the known television moderator Vladimir Soloviev. I fear that things will be exactly as he said, until something will change in approach to the North Caucasus.

Acts of terrorism in Moscow become annual. Like the previous attack on Moscow subway (March, 29, 2010), the attack on Domodedovo  called into question Russia’s ability to safely host major international events like the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi and, of course, the 2018 World Cup. Print and online media have dissected the possible causes of the attack. It rained with  charges  over the airport security services, Ministry of Transport, FSB. Then, symbolic elements were present: the day before the presence of President Medvedev at the Economic Forum in Davos (where he wished to present an ambitious investment plan). Here, I might add  the NATO-Russia Council meeting. One CHODs session with discussions on missile shield  and security strategy proposed by Russia.

Recently, the Caucasus region governor, Alexander Khloponin, recognized that is too early the quantification of soft approach′s results   (investment, raising living standards). Last year I not saw other major changes in the equation, so my opinion remains the same (here and here).


One response to “Domodedovo Airport Moscow – Return of terror

  1. three tourists from Moscow have been killed by militants in Russia’s North Caucasus…
    a message on Islamist website (removed by admin) kept by the militant group Caucasus Emirate said the tourists skiers were killed by “mujahideens” because they had entered “the war zone”.

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