BAB’s War Series – About Orange Revolution, Putin and WikiLeaks disclosures

BAB Redivivus: «How powerful I was and how philosopher I got»

The playful Spirit of the Christmas holidays could not miss such a picturesque character like Boris Abramovich Berezovsky. In a recent interview, Russian tycoon shows what have in common the oligarchy and philosophy.

From the memories of influential figure auto-exile in capital of the British Kingdom we  find: ”Investments in the Orange Revolution – the most effective for my life“. I honestly cannot avoid a smile. :))  Of course, the records showed that there was an unfortunate investment. As well as investing in a “bandit” like Vladimir Putin. Or in traitors friends like Roman Abramovich. Beyond the myth of his evil influence, it seems that Berezovsky’s preferences in terms of  people have been catastrophic for him. But God’s ways are unknown… Perhaps these was necessary to have a philosopher Boris A. Berezovsky.

Asked about Wikileaks, BAB prove us its philosophical and religious enlightenment. «Firstly, the emergence of WikiLeaks – an event of historic importance in overcoming the global crisis of the Judeo-Christian civilization. In the Gospel of Mark says: “There is nothing hidden that shall not be made manifest, and nothing is kept secret, but that did not come to light”. Just before that happened, took years, even earlier – the decade and century. And today, in connection with the creation of new information technologies, everything was secret, it becomes clear just in real time.» Therefore, what made this Australian guy (founder WikiLeaks Jullian Assange ) is simply part of the Lord’s plan, said Berezovsky.

Who actually use disclosures Wikileaks ? BAB philosophical approves that the  question is important but at the same time without  sense. No matter who  really uses as long as it provides ammunition for bellicose statements against Prime Minister Putin. ”And what happens now with WikiLeaks – this is the Second Coming of Christ“. Joining me the peaceful feelings of Christmas, I wish  to prime minister Putin a long political career. Because seems it will give a purpose in BAB’s life. And I wish to the former ‹gray eminences› Boris Berezovsky  many wikileaks revelations about Putin. Who knows what mystic – philosophical work about Anti-Christ can materialize out of these ! Or maybe a new doctrine World …? :))

Full interview can be read here (in russian language).

4 responses to “BAB’s War Series – About Orange Revolution, Putin and WikiLeaks disclosures

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  2. wikileaks?ohh mamaa.assange is not a very odd guy and he is the “key” of the “problems”.maybe is CIA-FRIENDLY and it was a “joke for us”

  3. Most people spend their health trying to gain wealth & then later in life spend all their wealth trying to regain their health.

  4. An interesting discussion is worth comment … If politicians persuade themselves that Russia can never do anything other than replay repressive cliches, the next step is to tolerate compromise….To the next. Cheers

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