Designer of Bosnia Peace Plan, Richard Holbrooke died

Richard Holbrooke, a brilliant U. S. Diplomat who wrote allocation of the Pentagon papers, was the designer of the 1995 Bosnia peace plan and served as President Barack Obama’s exceptional envoy to Pakistan and Afghanistan, died Monday, the State Department said. He was 69.


Richard Holbrooke

Mr. Holbrooke was taken to the hospital on Friday afternoon after becoming ill while meeting with Secretary of State Hilary Rodham Clinton in her Washington office. Doctors found a tear to his aorta, and he underwent a 21-hour operation that ended early Saturday, said New York Times.

Problems of Obama Administration seem not to end. Holbrooke’s death comes just days before the Obama administration’s latest review of the Afghanistan war, expected Thursday. It could affect the administration’s ability to put in place — and in addition sell to a skeptical congress — its push for afghan forces to assume a greater role in the fighting, permitting U. S. Troops to come home. It’s a transition in which Holbrooke was required to play an indispensable allocation. Holbrooke – whose forceful dimplomatic style earned him nicknames suchlike “the bulldozer” or “raging bull — is perhaps best known for helping broker the Dayton Accords, a 1995 agreement that ended the war in Bosnia. Also, he served as ambassador to the cohesive nations for the Clinton Administration. He in addition was ambassador to Germany from 1993 to 1994 and then assistant Secretary of State for European Affairs.

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