Conversation with Vladimir Putin – 2010 edition

On December 16, starting at 12 PM (Moscow time) – Prime Minister Vladimir Putin will answer to the public questions during the special annual programme “A Conversation with Vladimir Putin Continued” broadcast live by the RTR television channels Russia 1, Russia 24 and Vesti and the radio stations Mayak, Radio Russia and Vesti FM.

According to information posted on  official website of Russian Prime Minister: «Mr Putin will also answer your questions, which may be addressed not only during the live broadcast, but also now by telephone, mobile phone text message and on the programme’s website. All incoming questions will be processed, and the more interesting and topical ones will be addressed to Mr Putin during the live broadcast».

send a question Click on button if you want to send a question to Russian Prime Minister.

Or call 8 -800-200-40-40 from anywhere in Russia using a landline or mobile phone. The call is toll-free from both landlines and mobile phones. The toll-free number for sending mobile text messages is 04040.


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  2. Very good article. Coherent and informative just like a good article should be. I’ll definitively be back for more.
    Succes !

  3. Спасибо!

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  5. Simplicity is an exact medium between too little and too much.

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