WikiLeaks supporters and “Operation Payback”

This story seems to be some apocalyptic tones … Just hours after MasterCard’s website was disabled by WikiLeaks supporters, was down as well. Anonymous, an activist hacker group, claimed responsibility for the denial of service attack–part of “Operation Payback”–that brought down MasterCard and Visa are among many sites that have been targeted–and taken down–by “hacktivists.” Websites belonging to Swiss bank PostFinance, Senator Joe Lieberman, PayPal, and Sarah Palin have also been disabled.

Indeed, in landscape is no lack of mutual accusations. Wikileaks supporters accuse U.S. authorities that they planned to cyber attacks … conspiracy land, of course…but “when we look at a conspiracy as an organic whole, we can see a system of interacting organs, a body with arteries and veins whos blood may be thickened and slowed till it falls, unable to sufficiently comprehend and control the forces in its environment”. But not to hurry concerning successful bets and the winner …
Like MasterCard, Visa also announced that it would suspend payments to WikiLeaks, a move that has rankled WikiLeaks supporters…more, seems that FaceBook is not feeling too well because “an activist hacker group that has been disabling websites in a show of support for WikiLeaks, claims that Facebook has just banned its page”…so what next ? However, the road to censorship was opened long ago…

Update: Students at Columbia University in New York have been advised not to download or comment on the cables if they might want a government job. According to WikiLeaks journalist James Ball, writing on Index’s website, the 19 million U.S. federal government employees have been told not to read the cables material – or any publication containing them. Agencies have added virtually every mainstream news outlet to web filters and blocks, “a move reminiscent of China’s Great Firewall”. About IFEX members, the Inter American Press Association (IAPA) and the International Federation of Journalists (IFJ) opinion can read here.

Update 2: 14 December 2010

With Twitter at Westminster Magistrates’ Court – Journalists inside the court were given permission by the judge to report on proceedings live via micro-blogging website Twitter.

The founder of whistle-blowing website Wikileaks, Julian Assange, has been granted bail in London on conditions including cash guarantees of £240,000. But he will remain in prison pending an appeal against the bail decision lodged by Swedish prosecutors, noticed BBC.

Mr Assange is fighting extradition to Sweden, where he is accused of sexually assaulting two women earlier this year. He denies the charges, which he says are politically motivated and designed to discredit him. His lawyer Mark Stephens said to Euronews that the case was turning into a “show trial”. According AP, lawyer Gemma Lindfield, representing the Swedish authorities, argued on Tuesday that the court had “already found that Mr Assange is a flight risk” and “nothing has changed since last week to allay the court’s fears in this regard”.


7 responses to “WikiLeaks supporters and “Operation Payback”

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  2. If WikiLeaks is truly fair and objective as ideal media should be, then why don’t they go dig up some spicy news bout the Chinese government suppression of human rights and free press, about their corruptions, about the violence they use to deal with xinjiang and the tibetans, or about their funding to N Korea? And what’s even more surprising is that people choose to take information as it is presented. I’m not saying what the U.S. is doing is right, and I’m not pro wars in the middle east, but people, the story isn’t always the way it’s told.

  3. I think the only lesson here is that unlawful corporate collusion to censor a group can be retaliated in the age of internet. I believe that it can even snowball to collapse the internet commerce because they can’t prosecute everyone and this would be a kind of velvet revolution and it is probably historical.

  4. Wikileaks totally deserves to be defended! We need the TRUTH!

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  6. WikiLeaks tells the truth and THEY manufacture some simple crime to put those who tell the truth in jail? We bailed the bankers out once, now the corporates get to pay!

    “Power to the People”… John Lennon

  7. The world is equally wondering on how about the Major Global News Publishers are they equally
    quilty of including news houses in the US. I don’t support Julian Assange’s criminal act but all those down and up the chain must held accountable all these may amount to bullying one individual. Where is the logic here all out there.

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