Kremlin’s strategist Gleb Pavlovsky:”Medvedev is designating his disagreement with Russia’s current political structure”

Modernization of Russia and the street lamps of a Bashkortostan villagePreamble to the State of the Nation Adress

Nearly a year after launching the program ”Modernization of Russia„ – the version update to the article “Russia, forward!”, President Medvedev seems to have lost patience. The need for change of vision claimed by President Medvedev hasn’t generated changes in attitude among Russian politicians. So in a recent video post on Presidential blog, Dmitry Medvedev warns that : “At a


Russian President, Dmitry Medvedev

certain point, our political life started showing symptoms of stagnation,  and stagnation is equally damaging to both the ruling party and the opposition forces”. His statements came ahead of a major policy address (equivalent to the State of the Union annual speech delivered by U.S. President) the Kremlin chief will deliver to the two houses of parliament Tuesday — a speech that will be read closely for signs of whether Medvedev plans to stand for reelection in 2012.

Although political analysts consider President Medvedev comments an unprecedented attack on the United Russia party that has ruled Russia for the past decade, few are those who believe in a split tandem Putin – Medvedev, even if the Prime Minister Putin is head of the party so harshly criticized by the president. “Medvedev is designating his disagreement with Russia’s current political structure” said Kremlin’s strategist Gleb Pavlovsky. Besides, during the launch program aimed at modernizing Russia’s Gleb Pavlovsky argued that Medvedev’s statement was a signal that would be desirable a more active involvement of the United Russia party for implement in reality its political objectives and its isn’t an antithesis of Vladimir Putin, it is part of the natural evolution of the vision its predecessor that sketched it for Russia. The same opinion: “Medvedev is running for a second term, and I think that Medvedev believes that Putin will support him” said Yevgeny Minchenko of the International Institute of Political Analysis“.

Noticed that the video post of the blog came after Monday online Internet conference when «the president has played the “good tsar” ahead of Prime Minister Vladimir Putin’s own upcoming televised call-in show indicates that he has ambitions to run for re-election» said Alexei Makarkin, analyst of the Center for Political Technologies. Remember that about 43 million out of the 141-million Russian population are Internet users. Even fewer know exactly which tasks are included of the Russian presidential powers. So it’s no wonder that the President was asked from residents of a Bashkortostan village “to do something about local street lamps, which only function from 6 p.m to 11 p.m.”. “Those are people who believe that president is a ‹good tsar› who will solve their problems” Makarkin said.


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