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The invocation of global security – a insufficient motivation

President Barack Obama’s national security adviser, James Jones said Tuesday, October 5, that nations need to work together better to combat money laundering and other crimes that send arms, drugs and other deadly weapons across international borders. Gen. James Jones told a security conference in the southern Russian resort of Sochi that such cross-border crimes are a growing national security threat. He expressed concern that criminal syndicates could collaborate with terrorists seeking to acquire weapons of mass destruction, report Associated Press.

Gen. Jones’ statements come amid the U.S.’ invitation on a possible integration of Russia into NATO. Remember that although  on the agenda Russia – NATO meeting in November 2010 discussion on this topic are planned, the authorities in Moscow have received an invitation with skepticism and avoided comments on this issue. Of course, discussions on a new security architecture aren’t new.

Raised challenges to global security are the same: terrorism, organized crime, drugs, weapons of mass destruction. But different priorities are almost impossible to concrete results. The way how did the U.S. Congress on ratification of a new strategic arms reduction deal with Russia is relevant about the differences in priorities. More, Russia also has its own vision in this respect. And the security strategy proposed by President Medvedev to the partners in the European Union appears to be gaining adherents even among the European members of the North-Atlantic Alliance. The appearance is visible even in the Memorandum signed by President Medvedev and Chancellor Angela Merkel. The document looks like a mix between the Russian president’s vision and a set of basic concepts of NATO. However, a possible integration of Russia in NATO, without a substantial reform and a new identity of Alliance,  is unlikely. No matter how persuasive would like to be President of U.S. advisers statements.

Update: President Barack Obama announced Friday, October 8,  that Jones “has decided to step aside” and will be replaced by Deputy National Security Adviser Tom Donilon. Mr. Obama praised Jones as a “dedicated public servant and a friend to me” and thanked him for his service.
Speaking in the White House Rose Garden, the president said he has relied every day on Jones’ advice and counsel, and that during his tenure Jones reformed the White House national security staff. “Reflecting the new challenges of our time, he put new emphasis on cyber security, development, and climate change, and made sure that Homeland Security is fully integrated into our efforts” Mr. Obama said.
Jones’ resignation will take effect in two weeks.