Who is owner of the domain «путин-2012.рф» ?

The possibility to record in Russian web domains (ie the use of letters Cyril) has produced a real enthusiasm among internet users … and a surprise for government administration officials. At least this is clear from the reaction of Prime Minister Putin’s spokesman, Dmitry Peskov (quoted by gazeta.ru), who argues that the Presidential and the Prime Minister administration   haven’t taken steps to register domains. In fact is that someone has reserved areas “премьер-2012.рф” (premier-2012.rf) и «путин-2012.рф” (putin-2012.rf), and domains related to important events such as Russia Summit – EU, «россияес-2011.рф».

Russian media speculated immediately that this is a step in preparation for future presidential elections, when Prime Minister Putin is expected to return to the Kremlin. But if things are as Peskov argues ? Who is the real owner of the domains mentioned ? However, until Prime Minister Putin will decide that enough has flirted with media representatives and will announce his candidacy, for sure this problem will be solved… 🙂


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