Bucharest – Moscow: Epilogue to spy stories / diplomats expelled

While Moscow expresses irritation and concern related at the expulsion of Secretary I of  Russian Embassy in Bucharest, and Romanian President ponder deeply what does special services and why not there something, a dossier on Russian diplomats in Bucharest (expelled Russian diplomat was sent home under a formal reply, crusty, cold war type, without being able to invoking even a  bags with newspaper cuttings), I propose a short exercise for enrichment of the imagination:

Prime Minister Putin surprised by the Romanian spies success

Imagine a Romanian-Russian bilateral discussion, where the Romanian president explained his Russian counterpart as is the “historical mission” of Romania – that to be a “bridge” between East and West, the guarantor of regional security and other similar phrases with beautiful form but without substance, but which didn’t missed any of the ephemeral leaders of Cotroceni Palace  when they had to say a solemn speech …

Imagine that the characters of this scene are President Traian Basescu and a Vladimir Putin easily amused – we don’t know if it’s because of speech or of memories of holidays at Camp Davis  or Kennebunkport – Maine ! … But know that the reply of President / current Premier of Russia, in his typical still, may soberly of illusory power drunkenness to anyone has an atom of consciousness of  value  and could be the delight of the press for many days …

Imagine that, in the best Romanian tradition where everything can be resolved with a phone, it seemed normal to Romanian President to ask Russian counterpart about mobile private phone number, stating that: “I very much want, during my time in office , to become one of your European friends, a friend who can you call at any time and who you can call at any time “… “Mr. President, you can call me at any time on the Kremlin phone … They’re ably to find me everywhere, at any time …” interlocutor responded, seeming to smile (ironically ?!) about this unusual request …

Imagine that the ex-captain of the ship humiliated by an ex-KGB colonel, who asked him to call on the central phone of the Kremlin as any ordinary president, considered that the only smart way to respond to humiliation incurred was opening a confrontation in typical Cold War, assuming a player whose sum is zero for Romania, but giving him the illusion of rehabilitation of wounded pride …
Of course, transcript of discussion can ever prove otherwise – or maybe not ? Evidence that we are relatively in imagination space: Kremlin archives and also the archives of the Romanian Embassy in Moscow recalls about this meeting summary  …

Here, however, we can see that the desire of the “mission” is fulfilled and Romanian is “bridge” between the adjustments of accounts and espionage between East and West … just that compared with Russia’s spy network, recently called on the wall of Washington, USA Allied spies – just disguised as diplomats – seem to be neophytes,  so with the “historical” part must to wait …. Запишите ?! …could probably says Russian Prime Minister to Romanian President. Again… 🙂


8 responses to “Bucharest – Moscow: Epilogue to spy stories / diplomats expelled

  1. Was it your brand of english or a google translation?Cant understand a thing of what you want to say!!!!!

  2. “All secrets becomes obvious”

  3. Se poate ca la Craiova astfel de lucruri sa se inteleaga mai greu… :))

  4. I am a man and I am 45.So until you will grow up you better try to learn something when someone is criticising your public articles.Deleting coments and answering them using insulting private e- mails prooves only that you can not sustain your statements with arguments under the public scrutiny of readers.While you might be alergic to the orange colour I had the opportunity to experience all the goods brought to this country by those in love with the red colour and let me tell you….IT WASNT FUNNY AT ALL!!!

  5. Mr. clau2002: Am reţinut observaţia dvs. Consider că e suficient. Insistenţa dvs. confirmă că aveţi o culoare la care eu sunt “alergică”. Repet ce v-am spus în e-mailul considerat de dvs. insultător: Nu aţi formulat nimic inteligent referitor la informaţiile postate. Aţi participat la întâlnirea respectivă ? Aveţi transcriptul acelei discuţii ? Aveţi o opinie pertinentă pe subiect ? Presupun că nu… deci sunteţi din alt film.
    P.S. Nici mie nu mi se pare FUNNY când preşedintele ţării face gafe peste gafe la întâlnirile externe… Exemplul de mai sus e doar unul. Mai am şi altele.

  6. Intelligence service knows this story…

  7. Хочу выразить слова благодарности создателю. Так держать. проблема действительно актуальна… Но есть еще одно решение.

  8. A senior EU diplomat in Bucharest said the deal showed awarding contracts in Romania was a political rather than a commercial process.

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