The spy stories continue with a new hero – FSB has detained a Romanian Embassy diplomat in Moscow

Shpionskii istorii pradaljati … It seems that the spy stories become a fashion in times of crisis. So…

“The Federal Security Service (FSB) has detained a Romanian diplomat when he tried to obtain secret military information from a Russian citizen. The FSB identified the diplomat as Gabriel Grek of the External Information Service working at the Romanian embassy as first secretary of the political section”.

“Seized from the intelligence officer was spying equipment that fully exposed his hostile activities against the Russian Federation,” the FSB public relations centre told Itar-Tass on Monday, August 16. The investigation is underway, commented Itar-Tass.

Romanian Embassy Moscow

“The Russian Foreign Ministry has protested via diplomatic channels to the Romanian side over Grecu’s activities, which were incongruous with his diplomatic status” the FSB said, noticed Ria Novosti.

Espionage equipment was seized from Grecu, the FSB said in a press release. The security agency did not reveal the identity of the Russian source involved in the case in the interests of the ongoing investigation. Romanian diplomat was later released and will have to leave Russian territory within 48 hours. Neither the Romanian Embassy in Moscow nor the Romanian Foreign Ministry has commented on the incident. Previously, Gabriel Grecu was to Romania’s diplomatic mission in Armenia.

Kremlin‘s message seems pretty clear, even though it’s pretty hard to say what led. Assumptions are many. The incident comes just two days after taking over the rotating leadership of Romania’s Black Sea Multinational Naval Force (BLACKSEAFOR). Romanian diplomat detention means a pressure way on the subject of American missiles Romanian territory ? Or a reaction to recent statements by President of the Republic of Moldova, Michael Ghimpu ? Or maybe a NATO presence in Moldova has created chills on the Kremlin halls  ? Over 100 soldiers from the national army in Moldova, taking part in “Peace Shield 2010“, which started Monday, August 16, 2010, at the Army training base Bulboaca, regional media reports, quoted by news agency KARADENIZ PRESS. Peacekeeping exercise “Peace Shield 2010” takes place between August 16 to 27. Operational evaluation process of the National Army according to NATO standards began in 2007. Exercise “Peace Shield 2010” represents the third phase of this process and the final evaluation is planned next year.
Or maybe the Russian authorities wanted to divert the public attention since the fire problem that continues to play havoc on Russian territory ? Unlikely, but not impossible …

It is an unfriendly message, a warning from Russia. But I refrain to classify it as an “explosive” incident for the Russian-Romanian relations. Note that Prime Minister Putin said openly that he awarded the spies sent home by U.S.  Russian Prime Minister also said that Russian agents network was discovered as a result of betrayal. “As I said, this scandal has emerged as a result of betrayal. Traitors always end up bad, drinking or drugs” Putin said, adding that he  know the name of traitors guilty of failure of extensive Russian intelligence operations against the United States, Canada and Mexico.  Intelligence is part of the game and he knows it best. The message was sent, waiting for the awards for FSB successful action. Maybe more money from federal budget ??! 🙂


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