Fires in Russia – the incompetence of authorities and the conspiracy theories

U.S. rescue team, specializing in emergency situations, arrived Monday in Moscow,  to provide assistance the Russian authorities in fighting forest fires giant, said Washington official. A team from the Bureau of Assistance to foreign countries facing catastrophic situations (Office of Foreign Disaster Organization) had already his first meeting with Russian experts in fire fighting, in order to evaluate the means by which they can help Moscow, said spokesman The State Department, Philip Crowley. These meetings take place after a telephone conversation on Friday between U.S. Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton and Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov, during which the United States have offered Russia  help in the fight against fires.

Moscow is covered, last week, the toxic fumes, and an official from the mayor acknowledged Monday that the official mortality rate has doubled in the last week. Monday, fires have spread in districts that are at a distance of between 70 and 135 kilometers from the capital. However, the residents of Moscow ordeal is far from finished. Consequences of fire, which devastated nearly a month Russia, will see and will be centralized in time. The business daily Kommersant says in Tuesday’s edition that the damage from the fires is expected to amount to about $15 billion — or about one percent of the country’s gross domestic product. The government has yet to release any damage estimates. So far the authorities have stopped the disaster as a priority. After will be given answers to the question: how was that possible ? And now there are many scenarios. It speaks of the incompetence of authorities and lack of preventive measures to geophysical warfare and conspiracy theories. Elimination of Russian wheat export market for next six months is one aspect which I have in mind when analyze these scenarios. Russia is the third largest wheat exporter in the world. Facing drought caused a decline in production from 90 million tonnes to 70-75 million tonnes, according to Ministry of Agriculture estimates.

A reflection on solidarity: Russia had to seek support or should it be offered as soon as it became clear as daylight that things are serious ? Consider that in the middle are ordinary people who are not political calculations, geopolitical, global economic …

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  3. Forest Code, rushed through the State Duma (Parliament) in 2006 on Putin’s orders, was the main cause of devastating wildfires that raged over Central Russia, because the law disbanded a centralized system of forest protection.

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