Igor Sechin – The power of Putin’s shadow at SPIEF 2010

Mitya Aleshkovsky's photostream

Retired but highly effective (remember that Prime Minister Vladimir Putin has entrusted relaunch strategic relations with Latin America, and the results were fruitful, even if not kept headlines), Deputy Prime Minister Igor Sechin said in its interventions at SPIEF 2010 that the state involvement in the economy remains a necessity. Even if Russia tends toward a free market that desperately needs foreign investors.

Extremely cautious, even distant relations with the media, Igor Sechin, who oversees the oil, gas and metals industries of the world’s biggest energy producer, went over the habit of sitting in the shade (which earned him a reputation as a hard and powerful man, head of the clan siloviki that guiding everything behind closed doors) and gave a interview with the Reuters journalists. In november 2009, Forbes magazine ranks Sechin among the world’s top 50 most powerful people (42), one notch above Kremlin chief Dmitry Medvedev(43). “Russian press calls him Darth Vader and “the scariest person on Earth”. Official title is deputy prime minister; many consider him the most powerful man in Russia after Putin. Kremlin’s oil man oversees abundant natural resources. Beyond Russia: hammering out 20-year, $25 billion oil-for-loans supply deal with China. Dropped by Venezuela, Cuba, Turkey in recent months to talk oil, prove Russia has no need for USA” said Forbes. According with Reuter’s journalists “Sechin’s soft tones and courteous manner belie his fearsome reputation”.

I will return to this subject.


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