Russia’s first eco-warrior showed concern for the fate of polar bears

Believer of such a policy PR, Prime Minister Putin has added to his portfolio, along with saving tigers and whales, and polar bears rescue. Russia’s  first eco-warrior showed concern for the fate of polar bears in the context of global warming.Polar bear is threatened. Bear population is now only 25,000 animals. Habitation is getting more and more difficult because of the melting ice caps. It is important for us to know the movements of the polar bear, how it reproduces and how it rears its young” said Russian Prime Minister. He was shown putting the device on a bear that researchers had caught in a special trap. Satellite collars allow scientists to follow the migration of animals, observe their daily and seasonal movements and identify habitats. Russia’s research into conservation of polar bears is made possible by a 1 million ruble ($34,000) grant form the Russian Geographic Society.

Putin traveled to Franz Josef Land, an archipelago in the Arctic Ocean off the northwest coast of Russia’s mainland in his latest display of adventuring prowess to highlight the country’s guardianship of the resource-rich region. Accompanied by an army of journalists, Putin also called for “a general cleanup of the Arctic,” ordering the removal of thousands of barrels of fuel buried in the snow that had been left unused by a Soviet-era military base. Notice that Moscow dramatically staked its claim to the region by dropping a flag on the ocean floor at the North Pole in 2007.  According Associated Press, Putin said that: “Geopolitically, Russia’s deepest interests are linked to the Arctic. Here Russia’s security and defense capabilities is provided for. Here there are vitally important transport communications.”

The U.S. Geological Survey estimates there are more than 18 billion barrels of oil and gas beneath the Arctic waters between Greenland and Canada, and 31 billion barrels off Greenland’s east coast.

Prime Minister Putin statements you can watch here.


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