Middle East Peace Process on the agenda of the Bucharest authorities

Israeli Foreign Minister, Avigdor Lieberman, was received by Romanian President Traian Basescu. Also, Israeli dignitary met with Prime Minister Emil Boc, Senate president Mircea Geoana and Foreign Minister Teodor Baconschi. On the agenda were bilateral economic relations between the two countries and increase Israeli investments in Romania.
Romanian-Israeli talks have not spared any hot topic of Middle East Peace Process. In the press conference of the two foreign ministers, the Romanian side reiterated its willingness to resume Middle East peace process based on the roadmap and the Quartet took the diplomatic labor. “We believe that regional stability of the epicenter of the geopolitical risks and opportunities is essential to global stability, so we count on the Israeli political dialogue with our partners and we continue to promote, both within the European Union and in international fora of the UN system defense, argued the solution of two states and a good dynamic, equitable, the Middle East peace process” said Romanian Minister Teodor Baconschi. Recall that Romania is an adept establishment of a Palestinian state.

Minister Lieberman noted that “Romania was the only country to maintain diplomatic relations with Israel even during the Soviet period” so that “we have a very good experience as regards Romania’s involvement in political processes in our region and we believe that is welcome greater involvement of Romania in the region”. “Almost half a million Israeli citizens, originally from Romania, living in Israel. This is very important and will continue dialogue on several issues, relating to the Peace process, bilateral relations and situation in the region” concluded Israeli diplomat. Also, the two sides have proposed to organize in the near future a working meeting of Israeli and Romanian governments to join the partnership between the two countries and an action plan. Mention that Romania had joint government meetings with several European countries. Between 2005 and 2010 also held five meetings between the Romanian and the Hungarian government. And Italy have held joint meetings. In 2008, the Tariceanu Government, was in Italy, pricipalul objective on the agenda was the issue of diaspora. Romanian-Italian another meeting was set for this year.

Avigdor Lieberman (born June 5, 1958, in Chisinau, Moldova) is leader of “Israel Beitenu” (Israel Our Home) which is part of the coalition government.

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  2. There is obviously a lot to learn about this. There were some pretty good points. Thanks.

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