Terrorist attacks in Moscow – hypothesis

I think the terrorist attacks in Moscow are part of a larger plan of the rebels in the North Caucasus, plan that want  to discredit Russian authorities and the Security Forces in the context of the Sochi Olympics. In addition, it is known that this is one of Prime Minister Putin’s soul projects. Which, whether we like it or not,  has initially gained popularity through the war in Chechnya…  But to return at the present moment.

Notice: “The flags arrived in the 2014 Winter Olympics host city from Vancouver and were raised today before the Sochi City Hall. Speaking at the welcoming ceremony – 26 March 2010, Dmitry Medvedev said that Russia would do everything necessary to make the Sochi Olympics one of the century’s most memorable sports events”- it says on the presidential website about March 26 working visit of president Medvedev in Sochi.
The above hypothesis also requires some arguments which I will show them here:
1. The idea is not new and has been circulated prior to the attacks from Stratfor‘s experts.
2. Dan Dungaciu analyst noted that the damages entitled to the two explosions were small, however (in 2004 there were more victims, although it was only one detonation), considering that the rebels are likely to be just wanted to give a signal. I think that was rather a precipitate response / attack and not  a carefully organized plan of attack. There are several factors that militate for this – lack of synchronicity, the third explosive belt was dropped, security forces were completely surprised. Ironically, perhaps this very quick, impromptu response have contributed decisively to the success of the attack. At the plans prepared for a long time, in many cases inevitably leaks information and can be tackled. I believe that terrorist attacks are a response to the visit of President Medvedev in the Caucasus following reasons: a speech to demonstrate how much matter for the authorities succeeding event in 2014, even slightly arrogant when it speaks of an intention to make the Winter Olympics in 2014 the most memorable sporting event of the century (we are still at the beginning of the century !!!); also in Sochi, Medvedev also met with his Plenipotentiary Presidential Envoy in the region, A. Khloponin, who presented the management plan for the Caucasus and ambitious plan to develop tourism in the area (which will invest $ 15 billion) – the final form to be presented at the International Economic Forum in St. Petersburg in June 2010. A plan – ” the pearl crown” can say.

President Medvedev also met with Dmitry Kozak, and I think that he has provided all information on problems in the area. Official however, nobody spoke of abuses of the security forces in the area, carrying on a permanent and fierce hunting Islamist rebels that they not infrequently fall prey and innocent people. Take a look in the media of last three weeks:

MOSCOW (AFP) – Russian forces have killed eight suspected rebels and arrested 10 others in a raid that also found clues on two bomb attacks on trains in 2007 and 2009, the FSB security service said Saturday 6 March 2010.

MOSCOW (AFP) – Russian security forces Saturday killed four militants in a special operation in Russia’s troubled southern region of Dagestan, officials said. “Four militants who showed armed resistance were liquidated” in the clash in the Khasavurtovsky region of Dagestan, an official with the local branch of the Federal Security Service (FSB) told the Interfax news agency – 14 March 2010

MOSCOW (AFP) – Russian forces have killed an Islamic rebel leader who was behind a deadly battle in the North Caucasus city of Nalchik ( Kabardino-Balkaria) that left more than 100 people dead in 2005, authorities said Thursday – 25 March 2010.

A vicious circle that feeds extremism. And the answer came to Moscow, few days later. Of course, like any hypothesis, it may be valid or not.


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