Requiem for journalist Mile Carpenisan

There are days when concepts of logic, love and divine justice seem to lose meaning. Today is one of those days. I thought until the last moment that his youth and daring Serbian spirit will prevail. It  wasn’t… Mile Carpenisan died !

I said last year, at the announcement of results Roblogfest that I feel honored as a neighborhood of journalist Mile Carpenisan.  But beyond the value of the journalist, I admired his integrity and spiritual beauty, dignity and dedication to human, values becoming harder to find in a world like organic prone to compromise and mediocrity. I’m sad and my words seem meaningless … I know that none of the thousands of condolence will not ease the pain his family …
Angels be with you, Mile !

23 august 1975 – 22 martie 2010

Mile Carpenisan was only 34 years old and was, more than 10 years, a correspondent for the TV stations Antena 1 and Antena 3, making numerous reports from war zones. There has been noted by broadcasts from Yugoslavia at war, in Iraq or of Asia affected by the tsunami. In 2008, Carpenisan closed collaboration with radio Antena 1 and 3, being a freelancer.
Mile Carpenisan was involved shortly before being hospitalized in a humanitarian campaign to save a young man suffering from leukemia, Daniel Raduta. It wasn’t the first time when moved to help someone else. Unfortunately, it was last time.

3 responses to “Requiem for journalist Mile Carpenisan

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  2. reast in peace ! He was so young…

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