IPSA International Conference, Luxembourg 2010

The International Political Science Association (IPSA) is proud to co-host its latest international conference with the newly formed Luxembourg Political Science Association (Luxpol) and the European Governance Program at the University of Luxembourg. The title of the bilingual conference is “Is There a European Model of Governance?” and the general theme is European Governance. This conference will take place from March 18 to 20, 2010, and will attempt to answer the question:
Is There a European Model of Governance? A Comparative Perspective

European integration has led to the ongoing building of an original model of governance that needs to be assessed and compared with other regional integrations; the impact of European integration on member states and neighboring countries (regarding public policies, law-making processes, political institutions and actors in general) calls for comparative research; triggered by or independent from European integration, new forms of governance (including political participation, delegation, decision-making, evaluation) that emerged in European countries also need to be studied; finally, the building of an original European model of governance may call into question theoretical and methodological approaches usually adopted in political science research.

A total of sixteen panels will be organized in English and French around the general theme of the conference. Each panel will consist of a maximum of six panellists, in addition to two co-Chairs, from different universities or institutions, who will also act as rapporteurs.


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