Romania accepts the hosting of elements of missile shield

An important decision to implement the new global strategy of defense in the missile system was made public in Bucharest. Romania’s Supreme Defense Council today approved the hosting of missile shield elements in Romania. The decision comes following the invitation received from the USA, following the relocation missile shield. The declaration of Romania’s President Traian Băsescu: “In this regard will be launched bilateral negotiations to conclude the necessary agreements. Also, Traian Băsescu reiterated that “the new system is not aimed against Russia”. Please note that for validation, the decision of Romania’s Supreme Defense Council must ratified by the Romanian Parliament. According to Romanian officials, the new system will cover the whole Romanian territory and will be functional from 2015.

U.S. State Department thanked Romania through diplomatic representatives in Bucharest. However, official reaction from Moscow still delayed. “Russia expects convincing explanation from U.S. on missile system elements location in Romania”, declared Friday, February 5, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov, visiting Berlin.

UPDATE: An excellent analysis of the implications of this decision can read (in Russian) here.


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