Economist and politician Egor Gaydar has died

The known economist and politician Egor Gaydar acted in due time prime-minister of the Russian Federation and considered one of ideologists of market reforms in Russia has died. « Egor Timurovich has died, details while I can not tell » has declared assistant Gaydar, Gennady Volkov on Wednesday for Ria Novosti. Today in 8 mornings doctors ascertained death of the politician in its house in village Dunino of area Odintsovskogo of Moscow suburbs. According the first statements, Egor Timurovich (53 years) has died because of the come off blood clot.

Also, today Russia counted another significant loss: the known radio and television star, the showman, the actor, the singer, the writer, the businessman, the champion Vladimir Evgenevich Turchinsky “Dinamit” has died in his house. If the death of Egor Gaydar was received coldly (Russia’s population has not forgotten the effects of “shock therapy” that has left fleece in the ’90s), the names of Vladimir Turchinsky on the list “Black Breaking News” has caused consternation among colleagues and the public. He was only 46 years and died following a heart attack. The famous showman was married and had two children.

Recall that Russia is at the sad top countries of the deaths due to heart disease.

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