“A conversation with Vladimir Putin Continued”

According to a release posted on the blog of  Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin, on December 3, 2009 at 12:00 PM (Moscow time), the television networks Rossiya and Vesti and the radio stations Mayak and Radio Russia will feature a live broadcast of the special programme “A conversation with Vladimir Putin Continued”.

During the past year, Vladimir Putin has visited many regions of Russia. During the programme, the Prime Minister will continue the discussion of the most pressing issues that Russians have raised with him.

Mr. Putin will also answer your questions, which may be addressed not only during the live broadcast, but also now by telephone, mobile phone text message and on the programme’s website. All incoming questions will be processed, and the more interesting and topical ones will be addressed to Mr. Putin during the live broadcast.

Update/ 3 december 2009LIVE appearance of Prime Minister Putin has counted 4 o’clock and 2 minutes. Enough to overcome its previous record. But far from records made by President Hugo Chavez (even 8 o’clock). Here – transcript of the meeting.

Only 2 observations: 1. slightly strained at the beginning of the conference, Prime Minister Putin came in the final scene completely relaxed – a sign that communication professionals have made business with professionalism. 2. although television which broadcast live meeting with Vladimir Putin achieved rates expected ratings, a poll conducted on his blog by journalist Vladimir Soloviev – without claiming a professional survey – says more than any TV ratings.

“Довольны ли вы ответами в программе “Разговор с Владимиром Путиным ?” (Whether you are content with answers in the program ‘Conversation with Vladimir Putin’ ?)
Скорее доволен (It is more likely content) 322 (11.30%)
Скорее не доволен (More likely it is not content) 736 (25.82%)
Не смотрел (I not watched) 1250 (43.86%)
Мне понравилось все, что я услышал (I liked everything) 101 (3.54%)
Мне ничего не понравилось (I liked nothing) 441 (15.47%)

Проголосовало: 2849


8 responses to ““A conversation with Vladimir Putin Continued”

  1. Wow.
    What an expression on his face on the reffered blog. Stonefaced.

    But it’s interesting, following russian politics and the dynamics between Putin vs. Medvevev. The election of 2012 seems pretty open, but that’s pure guessing on my part 🙂

    Keep it up!

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