Nevsky Express crash might be terror attack ?

Yesterday evening a terrible news to violate the beginning of the weekend of Russia. Prime Minister Putin has not had time to enjoy the successes visit to France. At least 26 people are reported dead, 95 more injured after an express train traveling from Moscow to St. Petersburg derailed. The accident occurred in a remote area, halfway between Moscow and St. Petersburg. Rescuers took them two hours to reach the disaster place. The hours that followed brought new details of the tragedy. And a hypothesis. That brought back to the Russians spectrum of fear and insecurity: terrorist attack. “The crash was caused by a homemade explosive equivalent to 7 kilograms of TNT”, Russia’s Federal Security Service (FSB) head Aleksandr Bortnikov said. However, a criminal case on charges of terrorism and illegal storage of weapons or explosives has been opened regarding the train crash, the Prosecutor General’s Office informed.

President Medvedev has held a videoconference with officials at the headquarters of the Emergencies Ministry, who have briefed him on the situation. Also, a terror attack could be the cause of the accident, said Russian Railways company chief. According to him, the Friday explosion resembles a similar accident on 16 August 2007. In August 2007, an explosion on the tracks derailed the Nevsky Express, injuring 60 people in what authorities called a terrorist act. Some 27,000 passengers on 60 trains were facing delays Saturday as a result of the accident, Russian State TV reported.

The biggest problem resulting from the train crash is the return of a social mood of panic and fear. North-Ost and Beslan episodes left trauma difficult to delete from the mind of the Russian population. But not only that. Because, in Russia a few things are as it seem at first sight, doubts arose on the assumption terrorist attack. Russian authorities could invoke a terrorist attack to cover up an accident caused by old and inadequate infrastructure ? Here is a presumption that officials have little possibility to remove from the minds of people, no matter how many explosive devices are found at the accident site. And if it was a terrorist attack, how was it possible? An answer, whatever it, will not remove the feeling of lack of services and security organs.

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