Romania – Presidential election

Romanians vote for a president on Sunday in the first round of an election that is crucial to breaking a political impasse that has blocked the recession-blighted country’s access to international financial aid. According to opinion polls, struggling to enter in the second round of presidential elections to give between three candidates: Traian Basescu, Crin Antonescu and Mircea Geoana. Financial Times make a brief characterization of the three favorites:

Mr Basescu, a former sea captain and gifted communicator, has promised to continue the fight against corruption, a campaign on which only limited progress has been made over the past five years. He is also advocating popular measures that include abolishing one of parliament’s two chambers and cutting the number of MPs. Mr Geoana, a former foreign minister and ambassador to Washington, promises a more technocratic alternative to Mr Basescu’s boisterous and divisive style of politics, with plans for targeted recession-busting spending on infrastructure that he says could raise Romania’s growth rate. Mr. Crin Antonescu, the candidate of the National Liberals, the third largest party, promises tax cuts.”

Unfortunately, despite serious problems in the economy of the country, the second largest of the EU’s new members in Eastern Europe, the campaign has focused on non-economic issues.

Exit poll (12. PM – Bucharest Time):

CCSB: Traian Basescu: 32% ; Mircea Geoana: 34% ; Crin Antonescu: 18%

INSOMAR: Traian Basescu: 33% ; Mircea Geoana: 36%;  Crin Antonescu: 18%

CSOP: Traian Basescu: 34%; Mircea Geoana: 34%; Crin Antonescu: 20%

UPDATE  – Exit poll (15.00)

CCSB: Traian Basescu 30%, Mircea Geoana 28%, Crin Antonescu 22%
INSOMAR: Traian Basescu 30%, Mircea Geoana 30%, Crin Antonescu 22%
CURS: Traian Băsescu 36%, Mircea Geoana 30%, Crin Antonescu 22%
CSOP: Traian Basescu 36%, Mircea Geoana 30%, Crin Antonescu 22%

It would be much to discuss about the credibility of public polling institutes. So far these are unofficial figures. The official will be given at 21 hours after closing the voting ballot.

UPDATE 2 – Exit poll (21.00)

CCSB: Traian Basescu 34,1%,  Mircea Geoană 30,9,  Crin Antonescu 22,1

INSOMAR: Traian Basescu 32,8%,  Mircea Geoana 31,7%,  Crin Antonescu 21,8%

CSOP: Traian Basescu 33,2%, Mircea Geoana 30,3%, Crin Antonescu 22,0%

Were present to election over 50% of citizens voting. In the second round (6 decembrie 2009) will meet Traian Basescu and Mircea Geoana.

4 responses to “Romania – Presidential election

  1. cum dracu nu vad nimic ???

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  3. Cristina Barbu

    Basescu’s so called “victory” is the biggest theft in the Romanian history since the communists stole the elections after WWII. The people, at least in Bucharest, are hugely depressed because, although we corrected the mistake we made at the euro parlamentary election when not even 40% of the population voted (which allowed for Ms Elena Basescu to become an europarliamentary with only 70 000 votes) and showerd up to vote, our wish didn’t make any difference. Basescu’s cronies stole our votes in so many ways that it is painful.

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