Michael Bloomberg remains Mayor of New York

New York Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg  won reelection Tuesday, giving him the third term he began seeking last year in campaigning for a change to the city’s term-limits law, write Washington Post. But it was a hard-won victory, despite an election-eve poll that showed Bloomberg comfortably ahead of Comptroller William C. Thompson (D).

111mike-bloomberg-reuters-gary-hershornRelatively low score which won Michael Bloomberg (51% vs. 46%, as obtained Thompson) is due the fact that many of New Yorkers penalized on Bloomberg because forced to amend the election law, so can run for a third time. Bloomberg, founder of a media empire and also the richest man in New York with a fortune estimated at 17.5 billion dollars, has invested 100 million dollars of own money into the campaign in recent months (over 1 million dollars a day). This means that each vote cost him $ 147.27, while his rival – $ 13.12. Of the 8,300,000 inhabitants of New York (and 4.2 million voting), only 1.1 million have exercised that right.

But, equally, Michael Bloomberg is considered artisan megalopolis transformation from violent and chaotic city in one of the cleanest, safest and most effective (in terms of administrative) U.S. cities. Businessman for 67 years managed to solve the deficit by $ 6 billion, succeeding even in those eight years in office to bring a surplus of $ 3 billion in the municipal budget.

Bloomberg first won office in a hard-fought 2001 election over public advocate Mark Green. He sailed to reelection in 2005 over former Bronx borough president Fernando Ferrer. New Yorkers also elected a comptroller to replace Thompson, and dozens of other officials. John C. Liu won the Comptroller race, becoming the first Asian American to hold citywide office.


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