Chinese government will provide Romania a grant of 500,000 euros

China is continuing its offensive on the Eastern European front. Thus, after the huge financial loan to Moldova Republic,  the Chinese government will provide Romania a grant of 500,000 euros for projects in the field of agriculture and small and 00000medium enterprises, under an agreement signed Tuesday by representatives of the two countries.

According to a press release, Emil Boc interim Prime Minister of Romania met with Vice President of the Republic of China, Xi Jinping. With this occasion were signed bilateral cooperation agreements in agriculture and Small and medium enterprises sector, and an agreement on economic and technical basis of which Romania will receive non-reimbursable assistance from China worth a total of 5 million yuan, the equivalent of 500,000 euros.
Xi Jinping visits to Romania in the context of 60 years anniversary of diplomatic relations between the two countries.

Note that next week, China will publish the first estimates for the macroeconomic third quarter of this year. According to an AFP analysis, economists expected an advance of 9.5% rate that would mark a new approach towards the big Asian rival, Japan.


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