Romanian Government was dismissed by motion of censure

EXECUTIV - LEGIThe Romanian Government was dismissed by motion of censure. Premier Emil Boc and his minority Cabinet 2 successfully lost confidence Romanian Parliament. This is the first time in post-revolutionary history of Romania when the Government is dismissed as a result of a motion of censure. For a resolution of censure motion needed 236 votes  of 471. Finally, 254 voted for the motion adopted by Parliament.

Procedurally, if a motion of censure is adopted, “Parliament, signed the Presidents of both Chambers, report President of Romania this situation, for the designation of another candidate for prime minister”. Romanian President Traian Băsescu stated that “Government Boc was removed in a democratic manner and in accordance with the Constitution”. Also President Traian Băsescu called parliamentary parties in consultations that starting at 17.00 (Bucharest Time). The situation on the political scene was reflected immediately on the capital market. Immediately after the vote on the motion of censure and dismissal of the Government, 1 euro reached 4.3 Ron. With the dismissal of the government, business analysts argue that the danger of breaking the agreement with the IMF did not exist, but that the deadlines for the conditions imposed by the IMF is almost impossible.

One of the names circulating for the post of the future prime minister is that of Klaus Johannis, Mayor of  Sibiu City.  He said Tuesday before the vote in Parliament on the motion of censure, that he is willing to begin talks to his appointment to head a future government. To remove suspicions that the PD-L Government’s dismissal is related to the context of political struggle that preface presidential elections, the opposition said it is willing to support a government of technocrats.


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