Thank you, Mr. Newman

Mr. NewmanHe is Mr. Newman and is already a star.

Location: near a cafe in San Francisco. Photograf: Chris Michael.

I decided to post this photo in place of a comment about history circus of UN Council nuclear meeting. Why? Because in both cases  I do not know what should I do: to smile or be sad?

Also because Mr. Newman is more honest, more alive and expressive than any speech carefully directed by the leaders of UN Council or G 20 …

For all this, Thank you Chris…Thank you Mr. Newman !


2 responses to “Thank you, Mr. Newman

  1. Ингвар Ъ


  2. Bop, an artist on our record label, has a pug named Booyaka…

    Bop made a song for his pug, maybe Mr Newman would like it too??

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